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name: Original_Title
type: text
level: word
encoder: t5
reduce_output: null
name: Keyword
type: text
level: word
tied_weights: Original_Title
encoder: t5
reduce_output: null
name: Optimized_Title
type: sequence
level: word
decoder: generator
with open("config.yaml", "w") as f:
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mithila2806 commented Dec 31, 2020

Hi Hamlet

It wouldn't have been possible without you.
Can't thank you enough.

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thebimbolawal commented Dec 31, 2020

Hi Hamlet,

I'm getting issues when get to:

Import panda as pd


df ="dAta.csv")

df.head ()

In the "data.csv" is that where I'm going to import my data I want to optimize?

And 2) How do I upload my data into it?

And after it has optimize the tag how do I download it into a spreadsheet for analysis?

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pgrandinetti commented Feb 7, 2021

When you dowload the file using the !wget instructions provided by Hamlet, the resulting csv will be named hootsuite_titles.csv, and it will be in the content folder, if you are using google-colab. See screenshot.
So, to load it in pandas you can do pd.read_csv('hootsuite_titles.csv')
I hope that answers your question.
Screenshot from 2021-02-07 17-39-44

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asktienlin commented Apr 16, 2021

Hello all,

Thank you all for the information.
I have followed all steps and tried to make it work.

When I run the following code,
!ludwig predict --dataset hootsuite_titles_to_optimize.csv --model_path results/experiment_run/model/

It returns this error
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'results/experiment_run/model/model_hyperparameters.json'

Could you all tell me what model path I should use to make it work?
Thank you a lot

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Suvakanta8 commented Sep 8, 2021

Hii while I am trying to replace hootsuite_titles.csv dataset with my website dataset I am getting a value error like this:
ValueError: A Concatenate layer requires inputs with matching shapes except for the concat axis. Got inputs shapes: [(128, 32, 512), (128, 224, 512)]
please reply.......

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marcusbianco commented Sep 8, 2021

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Suvakanta8 commented Sep 9, 2021

Thanks @marcusbianco can you please explain me how to prepare a dataset properly for training and the optimized score column in hootsuit dataset what is that ? Is that necessary for training?

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Suvakanta8 commented Sep 9, 2021

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