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# Create Branch
git checkout -b john_branch
# Push local branch to github
git push --set-upstream origin john_branch
# Update Local Branch to Master
git checkout master
git pull
git checkout john_branch
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1.Download the Senzing API to the /opt/senzing/g2 OR
1.Get the docker file(Preferred for further setup of senzing projects)
export SENZING_DIR=/opt/senzing
export SENZING_DOCKER_TAG=1.9.19155
sudo mkdir -p ${SENZING_DIR}
docker pull store/senzing/senzing-package:1.9.19155
sudo docker run \
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- Create Spark Context to connect to Spark Cluster
- Have a spark session (use Static method to retrieve it)
hanifa2102 / condaenv.txt
Created Feb 18, 2019 — forked from pratos/condaenv.txt
To package a conda environment (Requirement.txt and virtual environment)
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# For Windows users# Note: <> denotes changes to be made
#Create a conda environment
conda create --name <environment-name> python=<version:2.7/3.5>
#To create a requirements.txt file:
conda list #Gives you list of packages used for the environment
conda list -e > requirements.txt #Save all the info about packages to your folder
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