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Last active Jun 29, 2020
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TCTF/0CTF 2020 Quals - emmm (crypto)
import random
from struct import pack,unpack
from flag import flag
P = 247359019496198933
C = 223805275076627807
M = 2**60
K0 = random.randint(1, P-1)
K1 = random.randint(1, P-1)
# not a bijection? can be adjusted but I'm lazy
def encrypt_block(x):
tmp = x * K0 % P
tmp = tmp * C % M
tmp = tmp * K1 % P
return tmp
for i in range(2**24):
pt = random.randint(1, P-1)
ct = encrypt_block(pt)
print pt, ct
pt = flag[5:-1]
assert flag.startswith('flag{') and flag.endswith('}') and len(pt)%8==0
fmt = '%dQ' % (len(pt)/8)
ct = pack(fmt, *map(encrypt_block, unpack(fmt, pt)))
print ct.encode('hex')
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