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Buying keyboards and keyboard components from EU


  • SkinFlint : Price comparison site which has some nice filtering options per switch type etc. Searches for offers in UK, Germany, Poland and Austria
  • : Keyboards, keycaps and accessories. Based in Belgium.
  • : European Store selling Vortex, Leopold, KBP, Anne Pro keyboards, keycap sets and components (ISO + ANSI). Based in Germany, ships to EU.
  • : custom wooden bamboo cases, and some acrylic and carbon ones. Switch packs (65 browns at 48EUR). Other parts for the GH60, Atreus, ErgoDox. Also Microcontrollers, diodes, leds etc.
  • - Mostly PCBs, tools and accessories. Located in Czech Republic.
  • KEYGEM : Switches, Keycaps, lubes, cables, DIY kits and deskmats. Based in Germany, ships to the EU and worldwide.
  • Eloquent Clicks - Custom Mechanical Keyboard Store : Store based in Spain. Keyboards, cases, keycaps, switches, stabilizers, PCBs and other accessories. Group buys as well.
  • : Manufacturer of custom keyboards and ISO DE keycaps based in Germany.
  • ANVIL is manufacturer of entry level custom (gaming) mechanical keyboards, company located in germany. Shipping to DACH region.
  • Oblotzky Industries : Group buys, keycaps, limited items such as switches, deskmats and keyboard bags in stock. Based in Germany.
  • STHLM kb : Selling through hole keyboard kits and some components. Sweden based, shipping globally.
  • Centorek : Based in Poland, selling Krytox and TriboSys lubricants, keyboard parts, tools and other accesories.
  • SplitKB What's in a name: sells split keyboards and has accessories. DIY focused. Netherlands based.
  • Peripheral and Electronics shops which also sell (popular/gaming) Mechanical keyboards
    • : fast shipping, good enough prices. Currently offers Das, Ducky, Filco, Matias keyboards and some keycaps
    • cclonline : Ducky, Coolermaster and others, Cougar, Gamdias, iKBC, Cherry, Vortex
    • MaxGaming : selling all sorts of gaming gear etc. but they've been lately adding more and more custom keyboard stuff.
  • Amazon European sites : Amazon GermanyAmazon FranceAmazon ItalyAmazon SpainAmazon Netherlands



  • Ergohaven being mentioned on r/ErgoMechKeyboards for Ergonomic keyboards (introduced in the reddit post here)


  • r/Mechmarket Subreddit : check what is on offer (check the [EU] in the title), or post what you want to get and state that you are in EU.
  • Ebay : you can find some second-hand keyboards, keycaps, and other components from UK or Germany

Chinese shops

  • The bigger ones: AliExpress, banggood, Gearbest.
  • TaoBao : Chinese language only and you usually need a proxy to locate a product and reship. Qtan is a famous guy who is a trustful proxy. He has also a site here: and also sells on Ebay.
  • : free shipping to EU above $45 (but beware of customs). They offer everything from kits, complete keyboards, through key-caps/switches into desk-mats and cables.

Japanese shops

i.e. if you want a Topre board or an Elecom Trackball

  • Amazon Japan : priority shipping is usually around 8-15€ (5-7 days). Customs tax should be high but the last time we only paid 5€ for a 45€ trackball (maybe Amazon has found a way to import to another European warehouse first?)
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TristanK27 commented Jun 29, 2023

@Hatubaz Please don't do that here. Ads don't belong here.

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I build, a comparison website that features over 20 shops.
Maybe that would be something you could add to the list.

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henfiber commented Oct 9, 2023

I build, a comparison website that features over 20 shops. Maybe that would be something you could add to the list.

Hello Patrick, the site looks useful in general, but I cannot find a filter to only search for items available in EU. If you add such a filter, we could add it to the list along with the other comparison sites.

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Hi, great list!
What about
Have not bought anything from them, but seem to be in EU.

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Hi there, nice list!
I noticed is missing from the EU vendors section.

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it's missing

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You should add, they are great

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BrammyS commented May 31, 2024 can be removed :)

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