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Created August 5, 2013 11:47
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Allows installing the ubuntu "fuse" package without creating any devices. Used to install packages on docker which require fuse but do not actively use it.
# Fake a fuse install
RUN apt-get install libfuse2
RUN cd /tmp ; apt-get download fuse
RUN cd /tmp ; dpkg-deb -x fuse_* .
RUN cd /tmp ; dpkg-deb -e fuse_*
RUN cd /tmp ; rm fuse_*.deb
RUN cd /tmp ; echo -en '#!/bin/bash\nexit 0\n' > DEBIAN/postinst
RUN cd /tmp ; dpkg-deb -b . /fuse.deb
RUN cd /tmp ; dpkg -i /fuse.deb
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fjakobs commented Jan 30, 2014

+1 was really useful

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htulipe commented Feb 2, 2014

Cool stuff, I had to add -y and --force-yes options to apt-get in order to get this working.

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+1 Saved me a ton of tail chasing

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pratio commented Apr 14, 2014

I was getting so pissed, this works so well. I had to add -y though. Thanks for this..

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@htulipe you can use -yy instead :)

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gtrak commented Jun 17, 2014

Henrik, any chance you could put a license on this? I know, sorry.

EDIT: nevermind.

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Kosmas commented Jul 6, 2014

+1. Thank you

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m0dd3r commented Aug 29, 2014

Running dpkg-deb -x in /tmp changes the directory permissions on /tmp from the default 777 to 755. This caused an issue for me running java as a non-root user since defaults to /tmp, which is no longer writable. Creating /tmp/fuse and doing the work in there appears to have fixed the problem for me.

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hernad commented Apr 7, 2015

+1. Thank you

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Kurt29 commented Jan 11, 2018

that throws an error in Ubuntu Xenial:
/var/lib/dpkg/info/fuse.postinst: 1: /var/lib/dpkg/info/fuse.postinst: -en: not found
echo '#!/bin/bash\nexit 0\n' -en> DEBIAN/postinst &&
Did you have to use modprobe fuse for it to work?

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