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Created February 21, 2018 09:02
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Add rsync to git bash for windows
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rkhyd commented Jul 22, 2021

The link has expired.

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oakgary commented Jul 22, 2021

The link has expired.

A quick google search brings up these sites:

The process should be the same. Download, extract and put the .exe into a directory that is part of your PATH.
Please note that I did not verify above downloads. Use them at your own risk.

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terwer commented Apr 14, 2022

Link no longer works, just search for "rsync" in the official msys2 repo instead:
The newest version requires two additional packages to make it work: libxxhash and liblz4.
The packages are now compressed with zstd, unpack them inside git bash with zstd -d <package> or use 7zip with ZStandard support:

Thank you @fotcorn for your note, For my case I also need to download the So total of four packages

  1. rsync:
  2. libxxhash:
  3. liblzr:
  4. libzstd:

Copy four libs to the same folder, then use, to extract all of them. After that, copy folder "usr" to "C:\Program Files\Git". And it works

thanks for your good works,it worked!

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