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Hendrik Mans

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Hendrik is a Ruby developer hailing from the beautiful, yet mostly rainy city of Hamburg, Germany. He's been doing Ruby and Ruby on Rails development since late 2005 and has worked on some of the largest Rails-based applications in Europe. He likes to teach Rails and related technologies to newcomers and maintains a couple of Ruby open-source projects. He despises unnecessary complexity for the sake of premature optimization, and totally digs simplicity.


The Happy Web Application Toolkit

  • Desired talk duration: 30 minutes


Rails and Sinatra cover the entire spectrum of web application development with Ruby just fine, right? You'd be crazy to come up with yet another framework, correct? Well, I'm crazy so you don't have to be. Allow me to show you what I've come up with. I think it's pretty good.


Neither have I given this talk before, nor do I have any conference speaking experience whatsoever. I have been on UK television, though, wearing a traditional Bavarian outfit, singing a classic German song in front of Jackie Chan and an audience of millions. Jackie Chan was laughing.

Showing off my work at Frozen Rails can't be any worse than that.

Regarding Happy: it is, in fact, a real thing that I've extracted from a real-life application. It allows for a very different approach to developing web applications compared to Rails, Sinatra and most other Rack-based frameworks.

It is currently at a very solid and usable 0.1.0, and I'm aiming for a very quick path to a 1.0.0 release within this year.


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commented Jun 30, 2012


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