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// Cache busting dynamically
function get_file_last_mod($filename) {
$filename = dirname(__FILE__) . '/assets/css/' . $filename;
if( file_exists($filename) ){
$version = date ("M d Y H:i:s.", filemtime($filename));
// manual cache busting
$version = 'V1.0';
return $version;
* And use as:
wp_register_style( 'ourfilename', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/assets/css/ourfilename.css', array(), get_file_last_mod('ourfilename.css') );
Long long ago in the mists of time there was born a technique for that most annoying of minor issues , cached files not updating when changes are made to parent file.
Then it was a simple of matter of making the browser believe or the server pretend that we now had a new file so the browser cache would in a sense be redundant and the new file downloaded this was brought about by appending a query string to the end of the file e.g style.css?ver=v1.1 simple but effective.
Now in reality there are many means we should perhaps approach this aspect of caching through file header or cache headers a sophisticated means of sending file information to the browser with instructions on how to deal with the file, but this method of appending a string to the file name works pretty well.
Buddypress introduced a $version = '' to append to files in their enqueue function this allowed devs to manually change this value to force the cache to refresh.
I have used a variation of manipulating cache headers and / or adding dynamic version strings using the getlastmod () function in php for a while where needed and while working on a new child theme for the BP community I considered the requirements for the themes enqueue function and how BP was setting theirs manually.
My re-working of this approach for the child themes enqueue functions was to write a function to programmatically fetch the files last modification details based on changed data blocks in the file.
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