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hoffmabc / gist:4673cd86d798dfdd10922450bce0a444
Created October 23, 2018 17:25
OpenBazaar web relay authentication scheme
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1. Send HelloMessage to relay server
type HelloMessage struct {
UserID string `json:"userID"`
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ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCsC7jy0gH0T7M+NRxDZNGbpAIr3LgAbXlRGgD++sRH8YB0Zi9y89rUo5H/Hfl62cq97zhkh4afVwwkZGlkjNzWWSBWyZzXXvwHPK+4OvyIkPexkr1NF/IKwKlmqFVLQBGQJxubvsXSCeeVd6qeaLIAuMUoaB4zqyt32T6SFkmRZ9w7gAT5GzRhC85f1PSOT6jQ+RPUzKnbX9OoCqArSYOQTxtK+DUe7ThK7udzyg3xeofQZjDqLGE5/C+8gkgYC+dbluBc2vUZeIJaDVMlDRdKlEsX/StIpXvmiwrgrgefdpWnPIHNGXmO22+5ZxOggNCtwU980KySoDY8ta24lwg/ brianhoffman@iMac.home
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Since its release, OpenBazaar has become the largest decentralized marketplace online, offering users unparalleled privacy and freedom over their own trade.
The OpenBazaar platform is made up of buyers, sellers, developers and curators from around the world and over 25,000 of them are already working together to make this completely decentralized network easy to use for everyone. Everywhere.
If you're ready to give the Amazons & Ebays of the world a run for their money, that's great! Clearly, so are we, but it's not going to happen overnight.
We all need more...
More time to build the code and capabilities.
More features to help people buy and sell excellently from anywhere in the world.
More reasons to stick with OpenBazaar through it's entire disruptive evolution.
hoffmabc / gist:38883a3fb08f26b80330
Last active May 22, 2016 07:28
OpenBazaar REST API
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swagger: '2.0'
title: OpenBazaar API
description: Let's make trade free
version: "1.0.0"
# the domain of the service
host: localhost
# array of all schemes that your API supports
- http
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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am hoffmabc on github.
* I am openbazaar ( on keybase.
* I have a public key whose fingerprint is F186 A6A4 CF94 98AB E58F 53B9 DFEE B5A2 438F A17C
To claim this, I am signing this object:
hoffmabc / gist:9510325229819d75aad3
Last active August 29, 2015 14:10
eHealth Exchange Adapter Review
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Exchange Adapter Code


  • sets up adapter_dev2
  • execute VistaLinkSetup jar


  • connectorConfig.xml
  • mapping HashMap or POJO to XML C32 or C62
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2014-11-21 16:17:21,796 - [1] CryptoTransportLayer - INFO - Received message type "hello" from "" tcp:// 38f2294d84c192e606b234739b5004297ccebf76
2014-11-21 16:17:21,797 - [1] CryptoTransportLayer - INFO - Pinged {"senderNick": "", "pubkey": "046a8988427dd298bee0792c8b5d02debe26b66d5975049dc1695b8c4b24ceffd14d6b256541a2144dbf1ac3ebf3b6ebc884cefdb15d06cf61ae44647f5890bb6d", "uri": "tcp://", "senderGUID": "38f2294d84c192e606b234739b5004297ccebf76", "v": "0.3.1.dev0", "type": "hello"}
2014-11-21 16:17:21,892 - [1] CryptoTransportLayer - INFO - Received message type "hello" from "" tcp:// 38f2294d84c192e606b234739b5004297ccebf76
2014-11-21 16:17:21,893 - [1] CryptoTransportLayer - INFO - Pinged {"senderNick": "", "pubkey": "046a8988427dd298bee0792c8b5d02debe26b66d5975049dc1695b8c4b24ceffd14d6b256541a2144dbf1ac3ebf3b6ebc884cefdb15d06cf61ae44647f5890bb6d", "uri": "tcp://", "sen
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Verifying that +brianhoffman is my Bitcoin username. You can send me #bitcoin here:
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def fetched(ec, history):
if ec is not None:
self._log.error("Error fetching history: %s" % ec)
self._fetched(history, destination, finished_cb)
self.client.fetch_history(self.address, fetched)