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Example of creating a 'generic' proxy in Solidity/EVM Assembly. Further details at
contract complex{
address add;
uint aa;
uint bb;
function thrower()
function toggle() returns(uint){
if (aa > 0) aa=0;
else aa =1;
if (bb > 0) bb=0;
else bb = 1;
return 0x1337;
contract proxy{
address add;
uint aa;
uint bb;
function proxy(address a){
add = a;
function (){
//gas needs to be uint:ed
let g := and(gas,0xEFFFFFFF)
let o_code := mload(0x40) //Memory end
//Address also needs to be masked
//Also, important, storage location must be correct
// sload(0) is dependant on the order of declaration above
let addr := and(sload(0),0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF) //Dest address
//Get call data (method sig & params)
calldatacopy(o_code, 0, calldatasize)
let retval := call(g
, addr //address
, 0 //value
, o_code //mem in
, calldatasize //mem_insz
, o_code //reuse mem
, 32) //We expect no return data
// Check return value
// 0 == it threw, so we do aswell by jumping to
// bad destination (02)
// return(p,s) : end execution, return data mem[p..(p+s))
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evgenynacu commented Oct 27, 2017

Hello. nice trick!
Could you explain, why do you mask gas and address?
They should be correct without masking. Do I get it wrong?


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