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Created January 11, 2014 17:20
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My brainstorm outline for How GitHub (no longer) Works:
# How GitHub (No Longer) Works
- github slide (HGW#61)
- half is no longer true lol
- compare office sizes
- compare amount of people
- compare money?
- not a lot of difference to be honest
- but those changes become super super interesting (well, to me)
- [x] trust employees (HGW#41)
- feedback is really tough
- [x] campfire rooms (HGW#66)
- simple branching (HGW#73)
- [x] deployment (HGW#75)
- [x] employees left (HGW#85)
- attrition rate of 6%
- [x] staff-shipped feature flags (HTBAG#103)
- more staff-shipping
- way more team-shipping
- mentions and team mentions and signal:noise ratio
- [x] reduce institutional knowledge (SG#31)
- need for more formal docs
- [x] new hires need more hand holding (SG#34)
- cautious deploys (HTBAG#99)
- [x] organizational topic area (chat, team breakout etc)
- [x] vc
## Other notes, in hindsight
- [x] "Build websites like it's 2005"
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Hey @holman, this is super helpful for me while putting together my first (professional) slide deck. Thanks for posting it and for putting up

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