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Creating RAM disk in macOS


diskutil erasevolume HFS+ 'RAM Disk' `hdiutil attach -nobrowse -nomount ram://XXXXX`

where XXXXX is the size of the RAM disk in terms of memory blocks.


$2048$ memory blocks correspond to 1MB. Thus, XXXXX = YYYY * 2048 where YYYY is the size in MB.


  • ram://2048 will create 1MB RAM disk
  • ram://2097152 --> 1 GB
  • ram://4194304 --> 2 GB
  • ram://8388608 --> 4 GB

Third-party Tools

  • TmpDisk:: Open Source RAM disk management app.
  • Ultra RAM Disk installs as a menu bar item that allows you to create RAM disks when needed.
  • RAMDisk: is an app for creating as well as backing up RAM disks, to allow you to save their contents as well as restore RAM disks when you restart your Mac.
  • RAMDiskCreator



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@hangtwenty hangtwenty commented Mar 2, 2021

Update in 2021: it seems that TmpDisk is the only GUI option now. At least, for me.

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