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On new thing

Hoang Nguyen hugo53

On new thing
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hugo53 /
Created Apr 1, 2021 — forked from sparrc/
Installs ffmpeg with libaom and libx265 enabled for av1 and hevc encoding (tested on Ubuntu 16.04)
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Installs ffmpeg from source (HEAD) with libaom and libx265, as well as a few
# other common libraries
# binary will be at ~/bin/ffmpeg
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
mkdir -p ~/ffmpeg_sources ~/bin
export PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH"
hugo53 /
Created Feb 18, 2020 — forked from ankurk91/
Git credential cache, why type password again and again

Tired of entering password again and again ?

Run this command to remember your password:

git config --global credential.helper 'cache --timeout 28800'

Above command will tell git to cache your password for 8 hours.

hugo53 / haproxy-eventmq.cfg
Created Mar 4, 2019 — forked from sega-yarkin/haproxy-eventmq.cfg
HAProxy configuration for RabbitMQ (as STOMP over WS)
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# HAProxy configuration for Eventmq Web-node.
# Configured to serve:
# - 100k websocket connections
# - 2k (2% of WS) streaming connections (5k fullconn)
# - 100 (0.1% of WS) xhr connections (5k fullconn)
log local2 info
hugo53 / redis-delete-all-matching-keys
Created Jan 17, 2019 — forked from sharathciddu/redis-delete-all-matching-keys
Delete all keys in redis matching a regular expression
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# Deleting all keys in redis that match a regular expression
# General
redis-cli [options] KEYS "prefix:*" | xargs redis-cli [options] DEL
# If authorization is needed
redis-cli -a <AUTH> KEYS "prefix:*" | xargs redis-cli -a <AUTH> DEL
# If no authorization is needed
redis-cli KEYS "prefix:*" | xargs redis-cli DEL
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m2.xlarge (4 virtual cores)
Both Jetty and Netty execute the same code--generate 8k of random bits and compute a sha1, returning it over the wire.
INTERNAL (Benchmark tool runs on same machine)
hugo53 /
Created Aug 18, 2018 — forked from lolzballs/
Hello World Enterprise Edition
public class HelloWorld{
private static HelloWorld instance;
public static void main(String[] args){

Node 1


cluster_name: dinhhoanglong91 node-vagrant-1
node.master: true ["", ""]
hugo53 / gist:274edd2669e154e7b6a9001dada5ac4b
Created Jul 26, 2017 — forked from duydo/elasticsearch_best_practices.txt
ElasticSearch - Index best practices from Shay Banon
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If you want, I can try and help with pointers as to how to improve the indexing speed you get. Its quite easy to really increase it by using some simple guidelines, for example:
- Use create in the index API (assuming you can).
- Relax the real time aspect from 1 second to something a bit higher (index.engine.robin.refresh_interval).
- Increase the indexing buffer size (indices.memory.index_buffer_size), it defaults to the value 10% which is 10% of the heap.
- Increase the number of dirty operations that trigger automatic flush (so the translog won't get really big, even though its FS based) by setting index.translog.flush_threshold (defaults to 5000).
- Increase the memory allocated to elasticsearch node. By default its 1g.
- Start with a lower replica count (even 0), and then once the bulk loading is done, increate it to the value you want it to be using the update_settings API. This will improve things as possibly less shards will be allocated to each machine.
- Increase the number of machines you have so
hugo53 /
Created Apr 7, 2017 — forked from staltz/
coding music

Not for everyone. Each programmer has their own appreciation of what is good coding music.

For when I need to think deep, debug something, or design

(From most influential to least)