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Created August 1, 2019 23:41 — forked from pascalpoitras/
My always up-to-date WeeChat configuration (weechat-dev)

WeeChat Screenshot

You need at least WeeChat 2.5 for everything to work

Enable mouse

/mouse enable

huntrar /
Last active April 12, 2024 19:09
Arch Linux Full-Disk Encryption Installation Guide [Encrypted Boot, UEFI, NVMe, Evil Maid]

Arch Linux Full-Disk Encryption Installation Guide

This guide provides instructions for an Arch Linux installation featuring full-disk encryption via LVM on LUKS and an encrypted boot partition (GRUB) for UEFI systems.

Following the main installation are further instructions to harden against Evil Maid attacks via UEFI Secure Boot custom key enrollment and self-signed kernel and bootloader.


You will find most of this information pulled from the Arch Wiki and other resources linked thereof.

Note: The system was installed on an NVMe SSD, substitute /dev/nvme0nX with /dev/sdX or your device as needed.