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Last active July 12, 2020 08:20
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Friendlist draft two

Fill in the csv with friends you want to stay in touch with and roughly how often, on average, you want to reach out to them.


Then run the python program. It'll pop up a list of friends to reach out to that day:


numkeys 1-9 check and uncheck boxes, <esc> and <enter> close the window. Checked friends are saved to a records file for whatever nefarious purposes you have.

Name Days Contact Comments
their name on average how often to contact method of contact (signal/fb/etc) misc
required required optional optional
from csv import DictReader, DictWriter
from random import random, shuffle
from datetime import date
from tkinter import N, S, E, W, ttk
import tkinter as tk
1. Read in csv of friends
2. For each friend, generate a rand()
3. If rand ≤ 1/time, mark friend to list
4. Create a GUI with each marked friend and a checkmark
5. For each checked friend (probably up to 2), add to the contact CSV
candidates = []
with open("/path/to/friendlist.csv") as f:
reader = DictReader(f)
for person in reader:
if random() < 1/int(person["Days"]):
shuffle(candidates) # So if we go down from the top with a limit, it's more distributed
root = tk.Tk()
mainframe = ttk.Frame(root, padding="3 3 12 12")
mainframe.grid(column=0, row=0, sticky=(N, W, E, S))
root.bind("<Escape>", lambda _: root.quit())
root.bind("<Return>", lambda _: root.quit())
choices = []
boxes = []
# Needs to be a generator to get around Python's weird scoping rules with lambdas
handlergen = lambda i: lambda _: boxes[i].invoke()
for i, c in enumerate(candidates):
selected = tk.IntVar()
checkbox = tk.Checkbutton(mainframe, variable=selected)
name = tk.Label(mainframe, text=c["Name"])
method = tk.Label(mainframe, text=c["Contact"])
comments = tk.Label(mainframe, text=c["Comments"])
checkbox.grid(column=0, row=i)
name.grid(column=1, row=i, sticky=W)
method.grid(column=2, row=i, sticky=W)
comments.grid(column=3, row=i, sticky=W)
if i < 9:
root.bind(f"<Key-{i+1}>", handlergen(i))
with open('/path/to/records.csv', 'a') as csvfile:
writer = DictWriter(csvfile, fieldnames=['Name', 'Date'])
# We're not writing the headers, since we assume you're adding to an existing archive file
for i, c in enumerate(candidates):
if choices[i].get():
writer.writerow({"Name": c["Name"], "Date":})
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