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Created Aug 14, 2012
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Chef git templates

Chef git templates

Chef should allow creating cookbooks and chef-repo using templates. It should maintain the ability to create artifacts offline but a special switch could be supplied to knife wich will tell it to clone the remote repository rather than create a hardcoded structure.

Use cases:

knife chef-repo create --template knife cookbook create ntpd --template

Basically knife should clone the repository into folder and remove .git directory.

The idea could be pushed to 11 by following the same implementation as rails uses. (

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fnichol commented Aug 14, 2012

This is a great idea! I feature I use a lot when creating Rails applications. Plus Thor has some nice functionality like prompting if a file already exists (overwrite, keep existing, show diff, etc.).

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erikh commented Aug 14, 2012

I wrote a small ERB templating system that integrates with highline to ask questions:

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