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Code for the choosing your randomization unit post -
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ian-whitestone commented Feb 2, 2021

To anyone reading this who came from the blog post, there's two things in this code that I didn't actually talk about (because they'll be leveraged in a future post and I was too lazy to remove them):

  1. In the run_simulation function I have these arguments:
    # x is conversion rate and y is sessions per user (spu)
    conversion_spu_func=lambda x,y: x*2/3 + x*1/3*np.exp(-0.4*y)

This lets me specify a decay function that maps the relationship between sessions per user and conversion rate - i.e. something like this:

  1. All the user level metrics. These will be used in conjunction with ☝️ to explore if you get an increased false positives when doing user level randomization + session level metrics.

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