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  • Make a native change to begin

  • CircleCI

    • Check Native diff
    • Trigger native build
      • App center API
      • POST to backend
  • Backend

    • Handle "create build" post
    • Github "notify" initial
    • Build status page
  • CircleCI

    • Generate JS Bundle
    • Upload to S3
    • POST to backend
  • Backend

    • Handle "create bundle" post
    • Github "notify" if not default
  • Backend (webhooks)

    • App Center build finished
    • Find build in database
    • Distribute to SofiaBuild group
    • App Center distribute webhook
    • Find build in database
    • Update with download links, etc
    • Notify GitHub (again)
  • When builds are done, demo comment

  • Show info page

  • Show help page

  • Make a JS-only change

  • Install app from device

  • Launch app to test it out

  • When JS bundle done, show comment, open deep link

  • FIN

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