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View cordova-google-services-version-gradle-fix.js
#!/usr/bin/env node
// Define hook in your config <hook src="scripts/cordova-google-services-version-gradle-fix.js" type="before_prepare" />
var sourceDir = '';
var platformDir = 'platforms/android';
var fs = require('fs');
var path = require('path');
var readline = require("readline");
View docker.aliases.drushrc.php
$aliases['loc'] = array (
// This is the full site alias name from which we inherit its config.
'parent' => '@docker.loc' //alias name,
'uri' => 'docker.loc' //Drupal URL,
'root' => '/var/www/' //Drupal full path on disk,
'ssh-options' => '-p 2222',
'remote-host' => '' //DOCKER/DOCKER MACHINE IP,
#$1 is url
#$2 is cookie file
curl -I -b $2 -c $2 $1 > /tmp/vtest
echo 'Varnish Enabled: '
grep -i 'Via.?varnish' < /tmp/vtest
echo 'Varnish Hit: '
grep -i 'X-Cache:.HIT' < /tmp/vtest
# Drush script to port specific variables. Can be used with other bash scripts for looping/migration.
# This is a first version and could be cleaned up and use ENVs
# $1 source site alias
# $2 target site alias
# $3 variable name
# drush @alias.source vget --format=json --exact custom_module_variable | drush vset --format=json --exact custom_module_variable -
# Remeber there is a "-" at the end of the vset command!
drush $1 vget --format=json --exact $3 | drush $2 vset --format=json --exact $3 -
View utility_xmlsitemap.php
* Create a site map for a specific language.
* @param string $language
* Language code.
* @return bool
* Success bool.
function utility_xmlsitemap_create_sitemap($language) {
#Fixes issues with Bluetooth audio stuttering/quality.
sudo defaults write "Apple Bitpool Min (editable)" 53
# PHP CodeSniffer CI Task
# Based off of git pre-commit hook
# Export Variables to be set by CI Agent / Bot
# PHPCS_BIN=/usr/bin/phpcs

This is a collection of files, scripts and tips to get local development up and running.

Import a database via drush.

drush sql-drop
drush sql-cli < /mnt/db/backup.sql

Export a database via drush

git checkout master
if ! git diff-files --quiet --ignore-submodules
echo "there are changes in the working tree exiting..."
exit 1
git pull origin
git pull origin --tags
git tag -a "$tag" -m "deploy tag $tag"
#!/usr/bin/env bash
while read b; do
echo $b
#commented for dry run
#git branch -d $b
#git push origin
done <git_remote_branches.txt