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Last active January 31, 2017 16:26
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Drush Migrate a Drupal Site Variable Between Sites in JSON. #Drush #vget #vset #json #pipe #Drupal #export #import
# Drush script to port specific variables. Can be used with other bash scripts for looping/migration.
# This is a first version and could be cleaned up and use ENVs
# $1 source site alias
# $2 target site alias
# $3 variable name
# drush @alias.source vget --format=json --exact custom_module_variable | drush vset --format=json --exact custom_module_variable -
# Remeber there is a "-" at the end of the vset command!
drush $1 vget --format=json --exact $3 | drush $2 vset --format=json --exact $3 -
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This script exports a variable from Drupal site via drush in a json format and imports it into another. Script to speed up Drupal deploys & migration using drush.

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