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p-alik / etc-nixos
Last active April 19, 2024 08:55
NixOS config on Dell XPS 13 Plus 9320
# /etc/nixos/configuration.nix
{ config, pkgs, ... }:
imports =
boot.loader.systemd-boot.enable = true;

This gist is a simple no-brainer description of the 3 ways (actually 2.5) the Web handle events.

<tag onclick />

The declarative inline HTML event listener is mostly an indirection of DOM Level 0 events, meaning this simply uses the equivalent of tag.onclick = listener behind the scene.


click me
noraj /
Last active May 14, 2024 17:07
Moving gulpfile from CommonJS (CJS) to ECMAScript Modules (ESM)

Moving gulpfile from CommonJS (CJS) to ECMAScript Modules (ESM)


del v7.0.0 moved to pure ESM (no dual support), which forced me to move my gulpfile to ESM to be able to continue to use del.

The author sindresorhus maintains a lot of npm packages and does not want to provides an upgrade guide for each package so he provided a generic guide. But this guide is a bit vague because it's generic and not helping for gulp, hence this guide.


ryansolid / framework size
Last active October 22, 2022 13:27
Size Comparison Vue vs Svelte vs Solid

Based on Evan You's methodology:


Vue Vue (SSR) Svelte Svelte (SSR) Solid Solid (SSR)
Source 3.93kb - 3.31kb - 4.98kb -
Compiled w/o imports (min) 2.73kb - 5.01kb (183.52%) 6.59kb (241.39%) 3.68kb (134.805) 3.96kb (145.05%)
Compiled w/o imports (min+gz) 1.25kb - 2.13kb (170.40%) 2.68kb (214.40%) 1.46kb (116.80%) 1.57kb (125.60%)
Compiled w/o imports (min+brotli) 1.10kb - 1.88kb (170.91%) 2.33kb (211.82%) 1.26kb (114.55%) 1.32kb (120.00%)
DashBarkHuss / background.js
Created July 20, 2021 22:33
Sample Chrome Extension Message Passing Background to Content Script Manifest V3
try {
// This is the background script for the extension
// A listener for when the user clicks on the extension button
// chrome.action.onClicked.addListener(buttonClicked);
// Handle that click
function buttonClicked(tab) {
sindresorhus /
Last active May 20, 2024 14:52
Pure ESM package

Pure ESM package

The package that linked you here is now pure ESM. It cannot be require()'d from CommonJS.

This means you have the following choices:

  1. Use ESM yourself. (preferred)
    Use import foo from 'foo' instead of const foo = require('foo') to import the package. You also need to put "type": "module" in your package.json and more. Follow the below guide.
  2. If the package is used in an async context, you could use await import(…) from CommonJS instead of require(…).
  3. Stay on the existing version of the package until you can move to ESM.
mislav / gh-rename-master
Last active April 24, 2022 10:02
Rename the default branch of a repository using GitHub CLI
# Usage: gh-rename-master <newbranch> [<remote>]
# Renames the "master" branch of the current repository both locally and on GitHub.
# dependencies: GitHub CLI v0.10
set -e
export const h=(t,p,...c)=>({t,p,c,k:p&&p.key})
export const render=(e,d,t=d.t||(d.t={}),p,r,c,m,y)=>
// arrays,p)=>render(e,d,t.o&&t.o[p])):
// components{children:e.c},e.p),e.s=t.s||{},t=>
// create notes
m=t.d||(e.t?document.createElement(e.t):new Text(e.p)),
// diff props
DavidWells / netlify.toml
Last active February 7, 2024 08:50
All Netlify.toml & yml values
ID = "Your_Site_ID"
# Settings in the [build] context are global and are applied to all contexts unless otherwise overridden by more specific contexts.
# This is the directory to change to before starting a build.
base = "project/"
# NOTE: This is where we will look for package.json/.nvmrc/etc, not root.
# This is the directory that you are publishing from (relative to root of your repo)
henfiber /
Last active May 18, 2024 09:47
Buying keyboards and keyboard components from EU


  • SkinFlint : Price comparison site which has some nice filtering options per switch type etc. Searches for offers in UK, Germany, Poland and Austria
  • : Keyboards, keycaps and accessories. Based in Belgium.
  • : European Store selling Vortex, Leopold, KBP, Anne Pro keyboards, keycap sets and components (ISO + ANSI). Based in Germany, ships to EU.
  • : custom wooden bamboo cases, and some acrylic and carbon ones. Switch packs (65 browns at 48EUR). Other parts for the GH60, Atreus, ErgoDox. Also Microcontrollers, diodes, leds etc.
  • - Mostly PCBs, tools and accessories. Located in Czech Republic.
  • KEYGEM : Switches, Keycaps, lubes, cables, DIY kits and deskmats. Based in Germany, ships to the EU and worldwide.
  • [Eloquent Clicks - Custom Mechanical Keyboard Store](https://www.eloquen