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\o/ ... for HAProxy. Recent patches to make TLS faster:

Last patch is for 4KB+ certs. Remaining patches implement dynamic record sizing.

  • Default size is still 16K, but HAProxy can be built with DEFAULT_SSL_MAX_RECORD to reset that at build time.
  • Record size can be changed via a config flag: tune.ssl.maxrecord
  • Idle timeout controls how long the connection must be idle before record size is reset - defaults to 1000ms, can be controlled via tune.idletimer.

TL;DR: Checkout latest code, build it, and set your tune.ssl.maxrecord and tune.idletimer config flags.

log local0
# lower your record size to improve Time to First Byte (TTFB)
tune.ssl.maxrecord 1400
# set inactivity timeout to reset record size (in ms)
tune.idletimer 1000
# terminate TLS connections & forward connections to http_cluster
frontend secure
mode tcp
# advertise http/1.1 over NPN to enable TLS False Start!
bind :443 ssl crt /path/to/cert.pem npn http/1.1,spdy/3.1
use_backend spdy_cluster if { ssl_fc_npn -i spdy/3.1 }
default_backend http_cluster
backend spdy_cluster
server srv01
backend http_cluster
mode http
server srv01
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blissdev commented Jul 1, 2014

@igrigorik Since the release of stable haproxy 1.5, is this still up to date? Or would there be any changes?

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beezly commented Sep 29, 2014

I something very similar to this working with haproxy 1.5.4, but if I encloded the http/1.1 part in the bind line at #16, all connections get sent to the http_cluster. If I take it out, SPDY capable browsers get sent through to spdy_cluster without any problems.

I've got an example vagrant config at that reproduces the problem. You can see the stats page at localhost:8999 and all connections will end up at the http backend.

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@beezly see - should work. May be worth opening a bug on the HAProxy list to confirm that something hasn't gone awry in the routing.

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hello, i'm running apache with haproxy 1.5.5, but it only works with spdy/2, when i try to change npn to spdy/3.1 i got -1/-1/-1/-1/199 400 187 - - PR-- 0/0/0/0/0 0/0 "" is that a problem with apache or my haproxy version?

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@vitaoloureiro by changing your config to spdy/2 you might not have been using spdy at all if you were using Chrome. Chrome (version 38.0.2125.111) seems to pass the ALPN and NPN string of http/1.1,spdy/3,spdy/3.1. If HA-Proxy advertised spdy/2 then the connection probably negotiated http/1.1 This chrome plugin has helped me when working on this.

It is also worth noting that my version of chrome will negotiate spdy over alpn.

@igrigorik @beezly
npn and alpn work my selecting the first matching protocol in common.
If Chrome sends http/1.1,spdy/3,spdy/3.1 and HAProxy sends http/1.1,spdy/3.1, the winner will be http/1.1.

Another solution is to have HAProxy send spdy/3.1,http/1.1.

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Customer questionnaire came through today enquiring about "TLS record framing optimization for low latency"
I'm responding with default size of 16kb currently, but any thoughts about this moving forward?

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