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Jekyll archive page generator plugin
module Jekyll
class ArchiveGenerator < Generator
safe true
def generate(site)
collate_by_month(site.posts).each do |month, posts|
page =, month, posts)
site.pages << page
def collate_by_month(posts)
collated = {}
posts.each do |post|
key = "#{}/#{}"
if collated.has_key? key
collated[key] << post
collated[key] = [post]

WIth newest jekyll, getting a couple of errors with these:

Warning: Command failed: error: undefined method `destination' for #<Jekyll::ArchivePage:0x007fde91191618>. Use --trace to view backtrace
Generating... Warning: Command failed: error: undefined method `uses_relative_permalinks' for #<Jekyll::ArchivePage:0x007f99bce18a40>. Use --trace to view backtrace

jekyll version 1.0.3, ruby version 1.9.2-p320

Any ideas? I added these as accessors to the ArchivePage, but then ended up with a different error:

Warning: Command failed: error: wrong number of arguments (1 for 0). Use --trace to view backtrace
 Use --force to continue.

@ikka the same is true with ruby 1.9.3

blacksd commented Aug 11, 2013

I have this output too with ruby 1.9.3 and latest jekyll.

nlindley commented Sep 2, 2013

The default year/month format doesn’t match Jekyll’s because the months aren’t getting zero-padded. You can see my fix here:

To those having problems with the warning, having ArchivePage inherit Page seems to fix the issues. See this gist:


@nlindley This is a simple question, but when I run 'jekyll build' the file loads but none of the methods are ever called. The file is in my _layouts folder, and I know it's getting loaded, but none of the methods fire. Any ideas?

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