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Fill in a Stripe Elements ( credit card field using capybara
def fill_stripe_elements(card)
using_wait_time(15) { within_frame('stripeField_card_element0') do
card.to_s.chars.each do |piece|
find_field('cvc').send_keys '123'
find_field('postal').send_keys '19335'
end }
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ashkan18 commented May 2, 2018

This is great! thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for this, Great help! We've just switched over to using Elements and was a bit puzzled at first how to handle this.

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Thanks @kfrz. 👍

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thijsc commented Sep 10, 2019

Thanks all, this was very helpful to me just now.

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rajat2797 commented Sep 27, 2019

Can you help me with the implementation in case of javascript? Also is there a way to fetch contents out of stripe elements?
I am new to both javascript and stripe. @thijsc?

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excid3 commented Oct 24, 2019

I added another couple helpers to this to handle Stripe SCA in Capybara in case anyone is interested.

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