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Meteor Alternatives Per Feature | by

Meteor Alternatives Per Feature

This table was created in 2015 so may be quite outdated today.

Feature Meteor Solution Alternative Solutions Description
Live DB Sync livequery (mongo-oplog), ddp RethinkDB, Redis, ShareDB, npm:mongo-oplog, firebase, etc. Push DB updates to client/server.
Latency Compensation, Optimistic UI minimongo RethinkDB, mWater/minimongo (fork, not ws but http, browserify) Imitate successful db query on client before it is done.
Isomorphic Code isobuild & isopacks browserify Write one code for server/client/mobile.
Isomorphic Packaging isobuild, atmosphere No more separate packages for server & client. Get bower + npm + mobile.
Realtime Connection ws(websockets), sockjs bare ws,, sockjs Push live updates to client.
Package Management, Ecosystem atmosphere/isopacks + hacks Webpack, npm, etc. No hacks, use any, you are free.
Mobile-ready Apache Cordova transparently Apache Cordova less transparently Easily convert your client code to an app.
REPL for server Meteor Shell nesh
Realtime Framework Tightly-coupled full-stack framework See Realtime Frameworks

Hacks to Escape Atmosphere

  1. Npm for server+client: meteorhacks:npm+cosmos:browserify
  2. Webpack /w React: Meteor-Webpack-React

Realtime Frameworks

Sails.js, "Realtime MVC Framework", trys to follow unix philosophy and node culture, opinionated
LoopBack, "The Node.js API Framework" (API)
Feathers, "Real-time, micro-service web framework" (API + ws), concept
3REE, "React + Redux + RethinkDB + Express. A stack for building apps", "A Scalable Server for Realtime Web Apps"
Deployd, "lets you create your app’s API visually" (API) › Meteor Alternatives for Realtime Apps

Frameworks as Anti-Pattern

+ Frameworks provide you with features out of the box. They are easy.
– Frameworks dictate some structure upon your code which imposes inflexibility and often unmodularity. Consider: Express, Koa, Knex and other small, modular, loosely coupled components (think Lego).

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niallobrien commented Oct 22, 2015

This is a bullshit list as the only options that come close (in the list) are Sails.js and Loopback, both of which will still have you writing a tonne of boilerplate code compared to Meteor.

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alexzaporozhets commented Oct 22, 2015

Hi, I will suggest taking a look on firebase & polymer.

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montogeek commented Oct 24, 2015

No need for aggressive language.

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ilyaigpetrov commented Oct 24, 2015

@niallobrien This was created as a list of per-feature alternatives. Thanks, changed the title, added full stack row.

@alexzaporozhets, thanks, added firebase. I like Polymer myself, but I can't oppose it to Meteor, I guess nothing prevents you from using them side-by-side.

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ruimgoncalves commented Oct 27, 2015

Suggest adding has a full stack alternative.

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yazz commented Oct 28, 2015

Don't forget the Coils realtime framework for Clojurescript

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ruimgoncalves commented Oct 30, 2015

May I suggest some more alternatives

DerbyJs Framework for me the best meteor alternative, but it seams that it has lost some momentum.
3REE Stack.
FeathersJS Server

Facebook's Relay is trying to implement real-time updates, so if this happens, it'll bring the real-time realm to the masses.

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ilyaigpetrov commented Oct 31, 2015

@zubairq, the repo looks like a coding magazine issue. I think we will omit non-js meteor alternatives here.

@ruimgoncalves, fantastic! How do you manage to dig out all this stuff? Derby seems dead, lets omit it.

Now you may also add your meteor alternative in this question.

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ekryski commented Nov 2, 2015

Thanks @ruimgoncalves for the mention of Feathers and @ilyaigpetrov for including it!

We have some pretty solid stuff planned for a 2.0 release that should bring us closer to what Meteor offers by bringing in some of these other open source libraries as plugins. We're also very close to having the first cut of SQL database support. RethinkDB is also in the works.

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goldenbanker1 commented May 23, 2016

What about Phoenix?

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ilyaigpetrov commented May 23, 2016

@goldenbanker1, yeah, but it's an Erlang framework -- it will take too much time to review non-js frameworks.

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jedwards1211 commented Jun 11, 2016

@ilyaigpetrov another REPL alternative is replify (plus rc)

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jedwards1211 commented Jun 11, 2016

@ilyaigpetrov webpack.DefinePlugin can be used to define constants equivalent to Meteor.isServer, Meteor.isClient and Meteor.isCordova for sharing code between these environments.

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marcusjwhelan commented Jun 14, 2016

Why not Mongodb Express Ember Node. Same fundamental javascript all around. Plus an extremely similar templating engine. Easy to use ember-cli and a file structure.

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jedwards1211 commented Jul 6, 2016

Okay you should just replace this whole list with Meatier:
(I'm half joking, but seriously...he's built a meteor alternative with almost all of its features)

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lirbank commented Aug 15, 2016

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guettli commented Sep 25, 2019

Is the above table still valid today?

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ilyaigpetrov commented Sep 25, 2019

@guettly, this table was created in 2015 so may be quite outdated today.

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StorytellerCZ commented May 10, 2020

Some still holds true, some things like Package management is outdated.

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