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Eric imagineLife

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imagineLife / chart.js
Created Feb 21, 2018 — forked from chrtze/chart.js
Line Chart Example
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var Chart = (function(window,d3) {
var svg, data, x, y, xAxis, yAxis, dim, chartWrapper, line, path, margin = {}, width, height, locator;
var breakPoint = 768;
d3.csv('data.csv', init); //load data, then initialize chart
//called once the data is loaded
function init(csv) {
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// Implement a function that takes in an integer and prints out its two's complement value by following the algorithm described above. Hint: to invert the bits of a number you can use the "~" operator. For example ~25 will invert the bits of the integer 25.
function twosComplement(int){
console.log('int to string is ' + int.toString(2));
const binaryInt = int.toString(2);
// console.log(binaryInt.length)
let result = '';
for (var i = 0; i < binaryInt.length; i++){
if (binaryInt[i] === '1') {
result = result.concat('0');
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// who
friend, Andy
friend, Mike
//what I learned
- The spacing of content is complicated, and opinionated.
- The imgs that depict the technology-used per-project was/is too cluttered to look at.
- The layout was/is fun on desktop!
- The colors are fun.
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Even or Odd
o(1), constant
same no matter what input
o(n), Linear
2 arrays, filter through 1 arr, filter through arr 2,
probably gets longer based on each input o(n)
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I fixed these issues after user feedback...
- Typos in the title.
- InconsistEnT cApiTol LettErs
- Unclear why the 'see more speeches' brought the user to 'login/register' page
- forgot to upload the eventOverview for the trump default speech
- set min password length on the password form
- order the speeches in the speechPicker by date
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Hello there, my friends & family know me as Jake, & you can call me that!
I'm a fullstack developer & fan of data visualization.
Currently, I'm enjoying D3, React, Node, Express, & Mongo. I love the nature of learning and keeping up on constantly developing improvements in technologies used to develop.
When I'm not in front of a screen I'm baking, hanging with my wife Dena, often talking theology, sociology, & psychology with friends, or reading, or trying to find the best southeast Asian food nearby. I play guitar, too.
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//Indicate who you spoke to
- Colleague, MS Political Science @ Univ.RhodeIsland
Wrote several published works studying politicians, finances, and foreign affairs
- Wife
//what you learned
1. Colleague wanted more data, comparing 2 peoples' speech stats.
2. The ease of use of the app was very helpful for my friend!
3. My friend was interested in a specific analytic, 'how often the speaker uses "us vs. them language"'
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