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Working from home

Jason Hall imjasonh

Working from home
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imjasonh / main.go
Created Jun 28, 2022
Demonstrating go-containerregistry basic auth keychain
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package main
import (
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diff ../cosign/cmd/cosign/cli/fulcio/fulcioroots/fulcioroots.go pkg/fulcioroots/fulcioroots.go
< // Copyright 2021 The Sigstore Authors.
> // Copyright 2022 The Sigstore Authors.
< "os"
< ""
imjasonh / glob_test.go
Created May 23, 2022
Unit test for image ref glob matching, with support for **
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package glob_test
import (
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GOOS=linux go build ./
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$ git clone
$ cd ko
$ go build ./
$ go version -m ko
ko: go1.18
mod (devel)
dep v0.99.0 h1:y/cM2iqGgGi5D5DQZl6D9STN/3dR/Vx5Mp8s752oJTY=
dep v55.8.0+incompatible h1:EuccMPzxu67cIE95/mrtwQivLv7ETmURi5IUgLNVug8=
dep v0.11.19 h1:7/IqD2fEYVha1EPeaiytVKhzmPV223pfkRIQUGOK2IE=
imjasonh /
Last active May 11, 2022
Scrape GH dep graph to find dependents

This scrapes GitHub's dep graph page to find dependents of a repo, and writes it to a file for processing.

This is useful because GitHub's API doesn't currently support querying dependents, and the page in the UI is not sorted. also shows dependents per-Go-package, including non-GitHub repos, but it's not sorted in any useful way to discover "popular" dependents.

Lines in the output are [repo] [stars] [forks]

It's incomplete and could probably be improved, but it scratches my itch. Feel free to fork it and do what you want.

imjasonh / .gitignore
Last active Apr 11, 2022
registry proxy for* ->*
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imjasonh / apko-multiarch
Created Mar 7, 2022
output of successfully building a multiarch nginx with apko
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$ docker run -v $(pwd):/apko -v $HOME/.docker:/home/.docker/ --env HOME=/home --workdir=/apko --rm $(LDFLAGS="" ko publish ./ --local) publish examples/nginx.yaml imjasonh/apko-multi
2022/03/07 16:27:40 Using base for
2022/03/07 16:27:41 Using build config apko for
2022/03/07 16:27:41 Building for linux/amd64
2022/03/07 16:27:43 Loading ko.local/apko-dcb9ca1d2eeb2d9c373af1f03918cd68:2a117512acd4b4a624a553a5cf9931e38766119c7203eead759e1ee0a5808a1c
2022/03/07 16:27:45 Loaded ko.local/apko-dcb9ca1d2eeb2d9c373af1f03918cd68:2a117512acd4b4a624a553a5cf9931e38766119c7203eead759e1ee0a5808a1c
2022/03/07 16:27:45 Adding tag latest
2022/03/07 16:27:45 Added tag latest
2022/03/07 21:27:46 loading config file: examples/nginx.yaml
2022/03/07 21:27:46 building tags [imjasonh/apko-multi]