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You can register the mixin class in the register method of a Laravel service provider:

use Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\TestResponse;

View RouteViewDirMacro.php
* Register a new wildcard route that returns a view if it exists.
* @param string $path
* @param string $viewDirectory
* @param array $data
* @return \Illuminate\Routing\Route
\Route::macro('viewDir', function ($path, $viewDirectory = null, $data = []) {
$pathWithSegments = trim($path, '/') . '/{page?}';
View spacing_utilities.scss
| Spacing
| Utilities for controlling an element's padding and margin.
$spacing-class: (
imliam / tfm-cookieclicker.lua
Last active Jun 9, 2020
Cookie Clicker game remade in Lua as a Transformice module
View tfm-cookieclicker.lua
map=[[<C><P L="1600" /><Z><S><S L="1600" H="48" X="800" Y="380" T="12" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" /></S><D><DS Y="345" X="400" /></D><O /><L /></Z></C>]]
View weighted-search.sql
-- Weigh rows against eachother based on different conditions,
-- ordering the results based on their given weights so that
-- more precise matches will show higher up in the results.
-- In this example, an exact match will show up at the top
-- of the results, a match at the beginning of the string
-- will show next, and a match anywhere will show last.
set @query = 'Liam';
imliam / example.php
Created Aug 23, 2018
Define a set of constants to be used as flags for bitmasked options.
View example.php
imliam / sizing-helpers.scss
Created Aug 9, 2018
Utilities for controlling an element's padding and margin.
View sizing-helpers.scss
| Spacing
| Utilities for controlling an element's padding and margin.
$spacing-class: (
imliam / operator-mono-lig.css
Created Jul 5, 2018
Use the Operator Mono Lig typeface on any website.
View operator-mono-lig.css
/** General websites **/
code { font-family: "Operator Mono Lig" !important; font-weight: 200; }
pre > code { font-family: "Operator Mono Lig" !important; font-size: 1.2em !important; font-weight: 200; }
/** GitHub **/
.blob-code-inner, .blob-num, .highlight pre { font-family: "Operator Mono Lig" !important; font-weight: 200; }
.pl-c, .pl-e { font-style: italic; }
.pl-c { color: #4CAF50; }
/** Prism JS **/
View pipe_class.php
define('PIPE_VALUE', '__pipe-' . uniqid());
class Pipe implements ArrayAccess, Iterator, Serializable
public $value;
private $position = 0;
public function __construct($value)
View catch-exit.php
if (! function_exists('catch_exit')) {
* Catch when a part of a script exits and execute a custom function at
* that point. Note that if exiting, the script does not continue.
* You can use this to, for example, flash a message and
* redirect the user instead of showing the default
* black text on white background "exit" view.