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Forked from akaleeroy/
Created September 25, 2021 01:02
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Easy Access to Currently Opened Folders

Easy Access to Currently Opened Folders

Windows Enhancement Productivity

Enhance Open... or Save As... dialogs with a quick way to navigate to currently opened folders.

Easy Access to Currently Opened Folders - Demo

This is an AutoHotkey script that gives common file selection dialogs an extra feature: middle-clicking invokes a menu of currently opened folders. Say you want to save or upload something to/from a folder you've got open in Windows Explorer. The dialog box pops up with the last folder (from another project) or My Documents, and now you have to manually navigate to the folder you want, or copy-paste its path from the open Explorer window. I wanted to get to the active locations quicker. Recent Items wasn't exactly helping, so I made this by forking FavoriteFolders.ahk by Savage. Tested on Windows 7, 8, 10.

How it works

You run the script in the background the whole time Windows is on. I included it into another script with more helper functions and compiled it to an executable which is set to start with Windows.

  1. When one of these file selection dialogs pops up, Middle Click inside it. Or hit Ctrl + G. These are configurable at the top of the script.

  2. A menu appears with your current working directories.

  3. Select one and the script will quickly insert it in the dialog's address bar and take you there.

  4. Save or select your file.


Special places like Computer, Libraries, Search results etc. won't show up in the menu.


Fix Brittleness Support old-style dialogs. Regedit Export dialog is one of them and it doesn't work there. But not with Edit1, try to work around Send !d for targetting address bar to navigate. See SelectFolderEx()

; Easy Access to Currently Opened Folders
; Original author: Savage
; Fork by Leeroy
; Invoke a menu of currently opened folders when you click
; the middle mouse button inside Open / Save as dialogs or
; Console (command prompt) windows. Select one of these
; locations and the script will navigate there.
; You could also use a modified mouse button (such as ^MButton) or
; a keyboard hotkey. In the case of MButton, the tilde (~) prefix
; is used so that MButton's normal functionality is not lost when
; you click in other window types, such as a browser.
; Middle-click like original script by Savage
f_Hotkey = ~MButton
; Ctrl+G like in Listary
f_HotkeyCombo = ~^g
; Do not make changes below this point unless you want to change
; the basic functionality of the script.
#SingleInstance, force ; Needed since the hotkey is dynamically created.
; Auto-execute section.
Hotkey, %f_Hotkey%, f_DisplayMenu
Hotkey, %f_HotkeyCombo%, f_DisplayMenu
; Navigate to the chosen path
; Set destination path to be the selected menu item
f_path = %A_ThisMenuItem%
if f_path =
if f_class = #32770 ; It's a dialog.
; Activate the window so that if the user is middle-clicking
; outside the dialog, subsequent clicks will also work:
WinActivate ahk_id %f_window_id%
; Alt+D to convert Address bar from breadcrumbs to editbox
Send !{d}
; Wait for focus
Sleep 50
; The control that's focused after Alt+D is thus the address bar
ControlGetFocus, addressbar, a
; Put in the chosen path
ControlSetText %addressbar%, % f_path, a
; Go there
ControlSend %addressbar%, {Enter}, a
; Return focus to filename field
ControlFocus Edit1, a
; In a console window, pushd to that directory
else if f_class = ConsoleWindowClass
; Because sometimes the mclick deactivates it.
WinActivate, ahk_id %f_window_id%
; This will be in effect only for the duration of this thread.
SetKeyDelay, 0
; Clear existing text from prompt and send pushd command
Send, {Esc}pushd %f_path%{Enter}
SetTimer, RemoveToolTip, Off
; Display the menu
; Get active window identifiers for use in f_Navigate
WinGet, f_window_id, ID, a
WinGetClass, f_class, a
; Don't display menu unless it's a dialog or console window
if f_class not in #32770,ConsoleWindowClass
; Otherwise, put together the menu
GetCurrentPaths() {
For pwb in ComObjCreate("Shell.Application").Windows
; Exclude special locations like Computer, Recycle Bin, Search Results
If InStr(pwb.FullName, "explorer.exe") && InStr(pwb.LocationURL, "file:///")
; Get paths of currently opened Explorer windows
Menu, CurrentLocations, Add, % pwb.document.folder.self.path, f_Navigate
; Same default folder icon for all
Menu, CurrentLocations, Icon, % pwb.document.folder.self.path, %A_WinDir%\system32\imageres.dll, 4
; Get current paths and build menu with them
; Don't halt the show if there are no paths and the menu is empty
Menu, CurrentLocations, UseErrorLevel
; Present the menu
Menu, CurrentLocations, Show
; If it doesn't exist show reassuring tooltip
If ErrorLevel
; Oh! Look at that taskbar. It's empty.
ToolTip, No folders open
SetTimer, RemoveToolTip, 1000
; Destroy the menu so it doesn't remember previously opened windows
Menu, CurrentLocations, Delete
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