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Working on new projects!✨
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in03 / .traefik-cloudflare-tunnel
Created March 8, 2024 03:09 — forked from mattdy/.traefik-cloudflare-tunnel
Traefik on Docker Swarm accessed via Cloudflare Tunnel
Please see for a detailed write-up of this configuration
in03 / Jump_To_Folder.ahk
Created January 6, 2024 03:15
Creates a quick nav menu in any Windows browser dialog based on open explorer windows - trigger with Ctrl+G or middle mouse button
; Easy Access to Currently Opened Folders
; Original author: Savage
; Fork by Leeroy
; Invoke a menu of currently opened folders when you click
; the middle mouse button inside Open / Save as dialogs or
; Console (command prompt) windows. Select one of these
; locations and the script will navigate there.
; You could also use a modified mouse button (such as ^MButton) or

Pip won't install because of packet-inspection CA Cert Re-signing SSL errors? Gosh!


Packet inspection re-signs all SSL conections with Citipointe's own self-signed CA certificate. Pip doesn't recognise the certificate and fails each download request with a nice SSL error:

connection error: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:598)

You won't be able to install anything with pip unless you ignore SSL certificates with

in03 /
Created April 29, 2022 21:53
Convert network-share mount points between platforms using path-mapping
import platform
import os
def resolve_path_map(rpath, path_map_list, strict=True):
target_os = platform.system().lower()
rpath = os.path.normpath(rpath)
for path_maps in path_map_list:
in03 /
Last active April 27, 2022 23:53
Resolve cross-platform network paths from local mapped mounts
import logging
import os
import pathlib
import socket
def resolve_network_path(local_path, strict=True):
Resolve cross-platform network paths from local mapped mounts
- local_path (str): local path to resolve
in03 / AHK_Resolve_Master.ahk
Last active January 27, 2024 19:17
DaVinci Resolve AutoHotkey scripts - not exhaustive! Examples for others.
#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
#Warn, All
#Warn, Unreachable, Off ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%\ResolveHelper ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.
SetDefaultMouseSpeed 1
#SingleInstance, Force
in03 /
Created September 25, 2021 01:02 — forked from akaleeroy/
Easy Access to Currently Opened Folders

Easy Access to Currently Opened Folders

Windows Enhancement Productivity

Enhance Open... or Save As... dialogs with a quick way to navigate to currently opened folders.

Easy Access to Currently Opened Folders - Demo

This is an AutoHotkey script that gives common file selection dialogs an extra feature: middle-clicking invokes a menu of currently opened folders. Say you want to save or upload something to/from a folder you've got open in Windows Explorer. The dialog box pops up with the last folder (from another project) or My Documents, and now you have to manually navigate to the folder you want, or copy-paste its path from the open Explorer window. I wanted to get to the active locations quicker. Recent Items wasn't exactly helping, so I made this by forking FavoriteFolders.ahk by Savage. Tested

in03 /
Created March 11, 2021 12:28
socket server using multithreading to catch keyboard interrupts
# Thanks GratefulGuest from SO:
from multiprocessing import Pipe, Process
from socket import socket, AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM
from threading import Thread
import time
def detect_interrupt(conn):
in03 /
Last active October 5, 2023 17:08
Encode proxies for DaVinci Resolve using FFMpeg
# Windows: Create a shortcut to a .bat file in 'shell:sendto' to call this script with files passed as arguments
# Use with '' gist to quickly pull used timeline clips into FFMPEG.
# Use '' gist to relink proxies correctly.
# Bug in current Resolve release links clips wrongly to one or two proxies only.
# This assumes FFMPEG is on path.
import os, sys, shutil
import subprocess
import argparse
import pathlib
in03 /
Last active October 27, 2020 03:37
Video Blanking Detection
import sys
import os
import cv2
import numpy as np
import time
from tqdm import tqdm
from plyer import notification