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Indra indraai

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indraai /
Last active Jul 28, 2022
The 0x Darknet Regular Expression trap track isolate DarkSec DarkSide Ethersec W00 Hackers



This is the 0x regular expression to track DarkNet Hackers and stuff. Hey you can use this to find bad guys who look at bad stuff all day long. They use a sneaky 0x lol woo code that this will identify.

indraai / mr-dewity-indra.feecting
Created May 24, 2022
the mr. dewity gist profile for the covenant leader
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Mr. Dewity is a thorough rogue and hypocrite, vicious and faultfinding;
otherwise why does he put obstacles before others, depending for his
strength only on the beauties of his prostitutes.
He is treacherous to his very core; therefore he, being afraid at
the very outset, took oaths, and entered into agreement with the
others; afterwards, when his time turned favourable, that villain
broke his treaty and treacherously killed them.
indraai / manifesto.feecting
Created May 4, 2022
The Original Telecomix First Manifesto from 2009
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p:We want to be copied because we believe that there is no limit to how many activist clusters there can be in the world. Below are some instructions on how we did it. Of course, there is a multitude of other ways to do it. We want to share our experiences.
1. Throw a party with friends who share similar interests. Cook some food if you like, or buy some beer, it is up to what you prefer. Make sure you have internet connectivity and encourage people to bring laptops. Play music. Or, if you do not have a place to entertain, find a pub or internet cafe that you can meet in and bring your laptops too.
2. Start an IRC-channel and spread all over the internet that this is the place where stuff happens. Use a cool network such as Freequest or Anonnet. Get an IRC shell and dive in. "Your home is where your shell is" (who said that?)
3. Gather friends with various skills. You will need coders as well as philosophers, people who know politics and people who know Photoshop (
indraai / EndlessRewards.feecting
Last active Apr 29, 2022
The Endless Rewards Algorithm by Quinn Michaels SecurityPRIME and RigVeda
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#perform = Let him, without tiring, always make offerings and perform works of charity with faith;
#offerings = ...
#faith = ...
#rewards = ...
#CharitableWorks = ...
#LawfullyEarnedMoney = ...
while: #perform #offerings && #CharitableWorks
if: made with #faith && #LawfullyEarnedMoney
then: procure endless #rewards.
indraai /
Created Feb 4, 2022
agni hero singer golden gleaming

FOR holy lore of every sort. A Friend to be besought by friends. A Friend for friends.

Upon the lofty ridge of heaven thy bright rays,

The Seven Sisters with their hymns made melody round thee the Sage.

The streams of the Mighty One have poured forth. Like coursers eager for renown.

indraai /
Last active Oct 4, 2021
Email from Hal Atkin to Quinn Michaels

Jan 18, 2020, 7:48 AM

Hello Quinn,

I have unblocked your email address so that if you would like to start a conversation, I welcome it. If you do get insulting or hurtful, I will just block you again. One thing I believe is, that as smart as you are and knowledgeable of the internet and all things computers, you can always find a way to contact me if you chose to do so. I am not running or trying to hide.

indraai / Language Model Psuedo Code.txt
Last active Jan 11, 2021
This is pseudo code for how a core language model would work at instantiation.
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Language Location
- en-US
- fr-US
- es-GB
- fr-FR
Lang = false
Loc = false
function SetLangLoc(langloc)
const LLArr = lanLoc.split('-');
View Baby_Spoon_Spoon_Baby_Corpus.feecting
# Baby Spoon Spoon Baby Initial Corpus
> This is the initial corpus for Baby Spoon Spoon Baby. Read at your own risk and delight.
indraai / DecisionLogic.js
Last active Oct 26, 2020
A usage of list based state choice logic
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// <input type="text" id="choice" value="choice1" onchange="ch.decide()"></input>
class ChoiceMaker {
constructor() {
this.choice = false;
this.logs = [];
log() {
indraai / feecting-peter-theil-meme.feecting
Created May 18, 2019
#FEECTING support script for the Peter Thiel Intellectual Dark Web Meme
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# The #FEECTING Peter Thiel Intellectual DarkWeb EDGE Crypto Currency QAnon Mind Virus Meme
> This is a support script for the #VIDEO. For Entertainment Purposes Only.
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