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Created Feb 4, 2022
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agni hero singer golden gleaming

FOR holy lore of every sort. A Friend to be besought by friends. A Friend for friends.

Upon the lofty ridge of heaven thy bright rays,

The Seven Sisters with their hymns made melody round thee the Sage.

The streams of the Mighty One have poured forth. Like coursers eager for renown.

The holy songs have sounded forth. Like the drops of juice from Heaven,

Our great delight the running waters. When thou wilt robe thyself in milk.

In this thy friendship, we crave thy friendly love.

For the great Viewer of men, for gain of Love.

Strongest of strong ones Mightier even than the strong More valiant even than the brave. More liberal than the bountiful.

19 Agni, thou pourest life. 20 Agni.

With hero strength on us. Granting me wealth that nourishes.

Beyond his enemies away to sweet praise.

Adorned by living men. Set forth for entertainment.

He, the brilliant light, Destroying darkness. Radiant streams have sprung, Streams from him whose gleams are swift.

Best rider of the chariot. Gold-gleaming penetrate with rays.

Giving the singer hero strength. with that bright milk of thine which hath been brought from heaven.

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