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Forked from Macil/
Created Jul 28, 2012
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DEFCON 20 badge info


These are dumps of badges. They are dumped via the application.

"seen_lost.eeprom" is really seeneveryone

information on how the badge works

Human badges at offset 0x7F00 have 8 int16 values designating the pattern which they have seen in this order:

  • Human
  • Artist
  • Press
  • Speaker
  • Vendor
  • Contest
  • Goon
  • Uber (black)

the value 0xFF designates the value as "seen"

Offset 0x7F10 is a Uint32 which designates how long the badge is locked, measured in cycles of read/decrement/write. Write is a long operation.

LostboY will lock out for up to 16 hours, while the Goons will only lock you out for 2-3 minutes.

IR Signals

The badges announce themselves periodically by sending out an integer encoded in a quick infra-red signal. The Human badges animate up-and-down for a while, and then flash twice quickly occasionally; this is when they announce themselves. All other badges announce themselves much more often.

When a Human badge receives a Goon, Uber, or Lost signal, they enter an animate mode for a while, in which they do not send or receive IR signals, and the serial interface which lists what types it has seen can not be accessed.

  • Human 1024
  • Artist 1025
  • Press 1026
  • Speaker 1027
  • Vendor 1028
  • Contest 1029
  • Goon 1030
  • Uber 1031
  • Lost 1057
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