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CyberArk Automation - Greatest Hits!

CyberArk Automation - Greatest Hits!

A curated list of available resources to help you on your automation journey with CyberArk.



CyberArk Community Utilities

  • cybr-cli
    A "Swiss Army Knife" command-line interface (CLI) for easy human and non-human interaction with @cyberark suite of products.

  • Summon
    CLI that provides on-demand secrets access for common DevOps tools.

  • conceal
    Conceal is a command-line utility that eases the interaction between developer and OSX Keychain Access. It is the open-source companion to Summon as every secret added using this tool into Keychain is added using Summon-compliant formatting.

  • Secretless Broker
    Secretless Broker is a connection broker which relieves client applications of the need to directly handle secrets to target services such as databases, web services, SSH connections, or any other TCP-based service.

  • AAM CCP Harden Utility
    A utility built in PowerShell that automates the hardening of the AAM CCP AIMWebService App ID.

  • CyberArk Conjur & DAP Variable Setter & Getter Bash
    Submitted by: @jodyhuntatx
    A Bash script that uses Conjur/DAP's REST API to set and get secret variables

  • PS-SAML-Interactive by allynl93
    A PowerShell module which allows you to interactively authenticate to your SAML IDP, including most MFA options, and return the SAML Response for use in other calls.

  • Windows Account Creation & Onboarding (WACO)
    Create Local or Active Directory user accounts and immediately onboard them into CyberArk PAS

  • RDCMan PSM Connection Builder
    Submitted by: Joe Arida, Customer Success
    Create PSM RDP Proxy Connections for RDCMan on-demand for easy population of frequently used endpoints

  • CyberArk RDPFile Connector
    Submitted by: Pranav Chugh
    A GUI-based connector for PSM to replace Microsoft RDCMan





  • pyAIM
    CyberArk Application Access Manager Client Library for Python 3


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