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Still on the street coding

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Still on the street coding
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Last active April 3, 2018 04:21
ESModule use cases, a list in progress

ES module use cases

  • Alice is writing a new library, and she is excited to use the new ES6 syntax. However, she would like to use an older but still good package she found on npm, that exports its interface using CommonJS. She does so easily after reading the NodeJS documentation on how to do this.

  • Bob is updating a module for his work, and he needs to support existing CommonJS-using codebases as well as a new project that prefers to stick with ES6 for static analysis reasons. He publishes a package that exports both kinds of interfaces.

  • Carol is updating her popular code coverage reporting tool for the new world. She uses the ESM loader hooks to instrument test code as it is imported so she can get code coverage reporting on par with what she has for CommonJS.

  • David is writing a transpiler. He writes a custom hook that transpiles source as it's loaded from his language to JavaScript.