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Ray Ch iraycd

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iraycd / nuclear.json
Created December 12, 2018 15:12
Spiff Workflow Real Example
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"task_specs": {
"Start": {
"class": "SpiffWorkflow.specs.StartTask.StartTask",
"manual": false,
"outputs": [
"general": {
iraycd /
Created November 28, 2018 05:49 — forked from mislav/
"Pagination 101" by Faruk Ateş

Pagination 101

Article by Faruk Ateş, [originally on][original] which is currently down

One of the most commonly overlooked and under-refined elements of a website is its pagination controls. In many cases, these are treated as an afterthought. I rarely come across a website that has decent pagination, and it always makes me wonder why so few manage to get it right. After all, I'd say that pagination is pretty easy to get right. Alas, that doesn't seem the case, so after encouragement from Chris Messina on Flickr I decided to write my Pagination 101, hopefully it'll give you some clues as to what makes good pagination.

Before going into analyzing good and bad pagination, I want to explain just what I consider to be pagination: Pagination is any kind of control system that lets the user browse through pages of search results, archives, or any other kind of continued content. Search results are the o

iraycd / demo.html
Last active March 24, 2018 06:35
How custom jobs embed work
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<script data-startup="jhink" src="" id="angellist_embed" async></script>
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function decodePolyline(encoded) {
if (!encoded) {
return [];
var poly = [];
var index = 0, len = encoded.length;
var lat = 0, lng = 0;
while (index < len) {
var b, shift = 0, result = 0;
iraycd / .eslintrc
Last active January 16, 2017 11:14
ESLint React Native Sample
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"parser": "babel-eslint",
"ecmaFeatures": {
"jsx": true
"env": {
"es6": true,
"jasmine": true,
iraycd /
Last active December 23, 2020 23:45
MSG91 - Django SendSMS
from sendsms.backends.base import BaseSmsBackend
from django.conf import settings
import urllib
import urllib2
MSG91_AUTHKEY = getattr(settings, 'MSG91_AUTHKEY', '')
MSG91_ROUTE = getattr(settings, 'MSG91_ROUTE', '')
class Msg91SmsBackend(BaseSmsBackend):

whenever I visit container-ip:8000 or http://localhost:8000, it doesn't work

See [docker/issues/4007][1]: you would need to use port forwarding when using boot2docker on OSX.
That means the VM boot2docker needs to forward the port 8000 to the OSX actual host.
I [mentioned it here][2]:

$ VBoxManage modifyvm "boot2docker-vm" --natpf1 "tcp-port8000,tcp,,8000,,8000";

If the vm is already running, you should run this other command:

iraycd / index.html
Created January 23, 2016 22:54 — forked from devgru/.block
Heatmap of git commits
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svg {
width: 100%;
height: 240px;
g text {

Directory Architectural Layout for React.js

├── /build/                     # Compiled output
├── /docs/                      # Documentation
├── /node_modules/              # 3rd-party libraries and utilities
├── /src/                       # The source code of the application
│   ├── /api/                   # REST API / Relay endpoints
│   ├── /actions/               # Action creators that allow to trigger a dispatch to stores
iraycd / Sr iOS
Created June 27, 2015 12:41
Senior iOS Developer Position at Ninjaas.
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Ninjaas is a mobile internet company. We create mobile products which are mainly based on mCommerce, Communication, Media and Smart city infrastructure. We are the first internet company from india and all of our team are Ninjas. We expect in-depth understand and quick delivery will solve many problems in the world.


  • Ownership over the Ninjaas iOS app
  • Ship reliable software through test automation and code reviews
  • Fix bugs and improve application performance
  • Explore new ideas and technologies with engineering and design teams to continually iterate on the app