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...could get more caffeinated...usually...yes?

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...could get more caffeinated...usually...yes?
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irishgordo /
Last active August 29, 2023 15:44
Rough Guide of: MinIO w/ MinIO's 'certgen' for TLS as S3 Endpoint for Backup Target w/ Harvester v1.1.2

MinIO w/ MinIO's certgen, as a S3 backup target for Harvester

MinIO and MinIO's certgen

There are a lot of ways to set up a MinIO Server depending on the need. As a quick example this just demonstrates an ability for MinIO to be running the server as a single executable binary downloaded from MinIO's site, as well as continuing to use MinIO's open source suite with the great little self-signed TLS cert tool called certgen. Then how to leverage both elements with Harvester as an S3 backup target.

irishgordo / minio-with-ssl.txt
Last active October 23, 2023 15:47
MinIO with SSL Lightweight Info dump (no docker / k8s blah needed, just a vm) w/ Rancher & Harvester
View minio-with-ssl.txt
This is kinda a pain, the SSL part was hard to get down / understand.
(it took forever troubleshooting
The Binary of both Minio & Certgen is probably the easiest to work with.
x86-64, from minio
- certgen:
The loadout will have:
- single drive leveraged as a folder for storage since that's common place
- SSL outta the box, since that's ABSOLUTELY NEEDED when building custom RKE2 clusters that have backups created... plainly, we can't have minio without SSL if we're planning to use MinIO for RKE2 Backups...
irishgordo /
Created January 8, 2023 20:52 — forked from Shika-B/
Discord lagging during long calls on Linux

My discord was lagging increasingly during long calls on my Manjaro installation. I searched a bit on the Wiki but the fix shared there didn't work for. What worked for me is this answer on the Discord support forum, that I will detail a bit here. Start by moving to the right folder:

cd ~/.config/discord/<your_version>/modules/discord_desktop_core

Then, depending on whether you are a javascript developer or not, you may need to install the npm package of your distribution. On Arch/Manjaro, yay -S npm will do. Once this is done, unpack the core.asar file with

npx asar extract core.asar core
irishgordo / rke2-airgap-opensuse-leap-single-node-user-data.yaml
Last active February 14, 2023 23:55
"Currently Not Working" - Attempt at providing a `user-data` cloud-init/cloud-config templating for automating the provisioning of the RKE2 in an airgapped environment so to avoid manual steps in "Test Steps" at step 3 here:
View rke2-airgap-opensuse-leap-single-node-user-data.yaml
- path: /tmp/
content: |
# set up chunks of data to write out
irishgordo / config.yaml
Created April 27, 2022 21:01
View config.yaml
token: testing_1884
- github:irishgordo
hostname: testing-1884-feature
- kvm
- nvme
irishgordo / ffmpeg-compress-mp4
Created October 23, 2021 03:05 — forked from lukehedger/ffmpeg-compress-mp4
Compress mp4 using FFMPEG
View ffmpeg-compress-mp4
$ ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vcodec h264 -acodec mp2 output.mp4
irishgordo /
Last active August 23, 2021 19:16
S3 Object Store API / Mesh / Moto / Ideas / Notes
irishgordo / config.yaml
Last active June 10, 2020 19:01
k3os config yaml
View config.yaml
- "ssh-rsa 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"
- "github:irishgordo"
hostname: k3os-gordobox
- "echo gordobox k3os init"
- "echo gordobox k3os boot"
- "echo gordobox k3os run"
irishgordo / L2TP IPsec VPN with NetworkManager in Arch
Last active June 1, 2021 23:12
Hookin' in an L2TP IPsec VPN to NetworkManager in Arch
View L2TP IPsec VPN with NetworkManager in Arch
Recently I had an adventure configuring NetworkManager's CLI and minimal UI, through the app: "nmtui".
Pre-reqs I leveraged:
- A Pacman Wrapper, I used "yay" x-ref:
- "networkmanager-l2tp", x-ref:
- I acquired by ```yay -S networkmanager-l2tp```
The order of actions I took:
1. Creating a the vpn as a system based connection: