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Last active Jun 10, 2016
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Author: I. Strachan
Version History:
Purpose: Get Active Directory Report Unit tests and send notification to Slack
#region import module and saved credentials/tokens
Import-Module PSSlack
#Jaap Brassers blog on saving credentials. Saved slack's token as a password
$savedCreds = Import-CliXml -Path "${env:\userprofile}\Hash.Cred"
$token = $savedCreds.'udm-slack'.GetNetworkCredential().Password
$exportDate = Get-Date -Format ddMMyyyy
#region Main
$pesterADDS = Invoke-Pester .\ps1\dsa\AD.Operations* -OutputFile .\export\adds\ADConfiguration.NUnit.xml -OutputFormat NUnitXml -PassThru
#run reportunit against DFSnShares.NUnit.xml and display result in browser
& .\tools\ReportUnit\reportunit.exe .\export\adds\ADConfiguration.NUnit.xml
Invoke-Item .\export\adds\ADConfiguration.NUnit.html
#Export Pester results to xml
$pesterADDS | Export-Clixml .\export\adds\PesterResults-ADDS-$($exportDate).xml -Encoding UTF8
#region Send Slack notification of Pester results
$iconEmoji = @{$true = ':white_check_mark:';$false=':red_circle:'}[$pesterADDS.FailedCount -eq 0]
$color = @{$true='green';$false='red'}[$pesterADDS.FailedCount -eq 0]
$Fields = [PSCustomObject]@{
Total = $pesterADDS.TotalCount
Passed = $pesterADDS.PassedCount
Failed = $pesterADDS.FailedCount
Skipped = $pesterADDS.SkippedCount
Pending = $pesterADDS.PendingCount
} | New-SlackField -Short
$slackAttachments = @{
Color = $([System.Drawing.Color]::$color)
PreText = 'Active Directory Pester Results'
AuthorName = '@irwins'
AuthorIcon = ''
Fields = $Fields
Fallback = 'Your client is bad'
Title = 'Pester counts'
TitleLink = ''
Text = @{$true='Everything passed';$false='Check failed tests'}[$pesterADDS.FailedCount -eq 0]
New-SlackMessageAttachment @slackAttachments |
New-SlackMessage -Channel 'powershell' -IconEmoji $iconEmoji -AsUser -Username '@irwins' |
Send-SlackMessage -Token $token
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