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grab-site improvement plan
gs-server --upstream= to forward crawl activity to another gs-server
Implement a login form on the dashboard that writes a user:password to a cookie
dashboard ignore context menu: make dashboard send control messages to the server
server should reply with success/fail
fail should show highly visible error at the top of the dashboard
gs-server: handle ignore messages from dashboard: if auth OK, append ignore to the crawl's `ignores` file
gs-server needs to know where to write to, so grab-site must report its working dir to gs-server. Therefore gs-server must run on the same machine as the grab-site.
That's okay, we have federation via --upstream=.
gs-server: implement other control messages that ArchiveBot users expect to work: !con, !delay, etc
All of these directly manipulate the grab-site control files as well.
gs-server federation: keep track of which server is responsible for which crawl and forward control messages to the right gs-server
gs-server: add support for starting a new crawl
If auth OK, cd to right directory and run: tmux new -s grab-site-CRAWL-NAME -d "grab-site ..."
right directory: add gs-server --crawls-dir= argument
dashboard: add UI for starting a new crawl
How to start a new crawl with many gs-servers?
- Make gs-server report its hostname to the --upstream= server
- If user wants crawl on specific server, start new crawl with `server: "hostname"` and gs-server will forward it to that machine
- If no server specified, run some ugly function that determines which server is least-busy and has enough disk and memory
- Totally dynamic based on resources available, no "slots" unless hard limits wanted
How to authenticate users?

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commented Dec 18, 2015

dashboard: add UI for starting a new crawl

THIS. This is what is going to help new people make and contribute WARCS.

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