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Last active December 17, 2022 11:13
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Some useful filters you can put into uBlock Origin
! Generic rule to unjustify all justified text. Yes, you really need both rules.
! Test page:
! Test page: (needs !important)
! Test page: (needs !important)
*#$#p:matches-css(text-align: justify) { text-align: left !important; }
*#$#p:matches-css(text-align: left) { text-align: left !important; }
! Set a line-height of 1.5 for <p> and <li> which do not already have a line-height specified by CSS
*#$#p:not(:matches-css(line-height: "")) { line-height: 1.5; }
*#$#li:not(:matches-css(line-height: "")) { line-height: 1.5; }
! Disable the awful "highlight" animation on all forums running Discourse
! Test sites:
*#$#article.onscreen-post > div.row > div.topic-body.clearfix.highlighted { animation: none !important; }
*#$#tr[data-islastviewedtopic].topic-list-item.highlighted { animation: none !important; }
! Horrible CSS-dancing "Share" thing that pops up after selecting text on a Discourse forum
! Look for font stacks that include (consolas|courier|monospace) and force our default monospace font instead
*#$#pre, tt, code, kbd, samp:matches-css(font-family: /\b(consolas|courier|monospace)\b/i) { font-family: monospace !important; }
! Fix for Hacker News, which does not put the first paragraph of a comment into a <p>$#.comment { line-height: 1.5; }
! Discord: no need to let people know we're typing*/channels/*/typing
! 'One tap' Google login on nytimes, quora, etc$subdocument
! Ugly fonts
! Remove the linear gradient covering the article text after load, despite Bypass Paywalls and several uBlock Origin annoyances filters enabled$#div[class]:matches-css(background-image: linear-gradient(rgba(0, 0, 0, 0), rgb(0, 0, 0))) { display: none !important; }
! Hide the 'People also search for' slide-in box when going back on Google Search.
! We require the other attributes here to reduce the risk of false positives.$#div[id^="eob_"][jscontroller][jsdata][jsaction][data-ved] { display: none !important; }
! Fix fonts on$#div#content { font-family: 'system-ui' !important; }
! Fix fonts on$#body { font-family: 'system-ui' !important; }
! Make readable$#body { max-width: 475px; margin: 1em auto; }
! Remove letter spacing on$#p { letter-spacing: 0 !important; }$#html { letter-spacing: 0 !important; }
! Ads and annoyances on criticker > div
! Remove banner on *
! reddit's giant "recommended stories" boxes in comments
! reddit's big signup banner at the top
! reddit's invitation to go chat
! reddit's "go use the new design" banners > .onboardingbar-body > .onboardingbar-body
! Flickr's signup box
! Dropbox signup overlay
! The New Yorker's in-article annoyances
! > div
! sourceforge's "get the latest updates" box
! Video on
! Bottom newsletter banner on
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ivan commented Dec 17, 2022

These go into 'My filters' in your uBlock Origin settings.

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