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harriha / show-wifi-passwords.ps1
Last active Sep 12, 2015
[Windows 8] Show passwords of Wi-Fi profiles in clear-text
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(netsh wlan show profiles) | # Fetch all Wi-Fi profiles
Select-String "\:(.+)$" | # Grab the profile name (note: not necessarily equal to SSID)
%{$name=$_.Matches.Groups[1].Value.Trim(); $_} | # Store profile name to a var
%{(netsh wlan show profile name="$name" key=clear)} | # Fetch profile details with clear-text password
Select-String "Key Content\W+\:(.+)$" | # Grab the password
%{$pass=$_.Matches.Groups[1].Value.Trim(); $_} | # Store password to a var
%{[PSCustomObject]@{ PROFILE_NAME=$name;PASSWORD=$pass }} | # Construct an object to be able to use Format-Table
Format-Table -AutoSize # Format the output
Write-Host ""
didats / nationality.html
Created Dec 28, 2013
Nationality List in HTML Dropdown
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<select name="nationality">
<option value="">-- select one --</option>
<option value="afghan">Afghan</option>
<option value="albanian">Albanian</option>
<option value="algerian">Algerian</option>
<option value="american">American</option>
<option value="andorran">Andorran</option>
<option value="angolan">Angolan</option>
<option value="antiguans">Antiguans</option>
<option value="argentinean">Argentinean</option>
kristopherjohnson / SHA1Util.cs
Last active Jul 4, 2019
.NET/C# Generate SHA1 hex string for a string encoded as UTF8
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using System.Security.Cryptography;
using System.Text;
namespace Snippets
public static class SHA1Util
/// <summary>
/// Compute hash for string encoded as UTF8
/// </summary>
AndrewBarfield / gist:2556782
Created Apr 30, 2012
C#: IDisposable: Cleaning up managed and unmanaged resources
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public class MyResource : IDisposable {
// Pointer to an external unmanaged resource.
private IntPtr handle;
// Other managed resource this class uses.
private Component component = new Component();
// Track whether Dispose has been called.
private bool disposed = false;
marijn / README.markdown
Last active Jul 27, 2020
List of countries in YAML, CSV and TXT format
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