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How to install Minecraft natively on Apple Silicon, the easiest way possible

1 - Download MultiMC from here

2 - Download Azul Zulu JDK from here (The version you want is Java 17, arm64, macOS, and you download the ZIP file.) Extract the ZIP file, open the folder and copy "zulu-17.jdk" to your home folder.

3 - Download tanmayb123's Minecraft on Apple Silicon package from here. Extract the ZIP and from the folder you are going to copy two files. One, the folder "lwjglnatives", and two, open the Libraries folder and copy "lwjglfat.jar". Move these to your home folder.

4 - Open MultiMC and create a new instance. Right click your instance and click edit instance. Make the following changes:

Minecraft on Apple Silicon

In this gist, you can find the steps to run Minecraft 1.16.4 natively on Apple Silicon (AS), without needing Rosetta 2 translation of the dependencies (mainly LWJGL and related libraries).

While it's possible to use a launcher like MultiMC to have a prettier way to run the game on AS, it requires installing even more dependencies (like QT) which take time and are difficult to distribute. Therefore, I've put together a command line-based launcher tool using a couple shell & Python scripts.

To get up and running quickly, follow the steps below. Otherwise, for more detail, watch my YouTube video.

Download my package

kolen / dither.glsl
Created July 30, 2019 21:53
Simple dithering shader for godot engine
// Based on
shader_type canvas_item;
uniform float scale = 1.0;
float find_closest(int x, int y, float c0)
mat4 dither = mat4(vec4( 1.0, 33.0, 9.0, 41.0),
vec4(49.0, 17.0, 57.0, 25.0),
mxactvtd / TidalCyclesQuickReferenceStub.tidal
Last active March 8, 2024 21:19
TidalCycles Quick Reference compiled and partially rewritten documentation from various sources
---- TidalCycles QUICK REFERENCE ----
-- To use in your editor after or alongside your code for quick reference
-- Work in progress, mostly to be used as basis for further documnentation work, sorry for the errors and omissions
-- designed with atom - monokai one dark vivid as theme
-- - check for update, I keep updating this quite often atm
-- Some sources of Documentation --
bkaradzic /
Last active June 28, 2024 19:11
Why I think Immediate Mode GUI is way to go for GameDev tools

Why I think Immediate Mode GUI is way to go for GameDev tools


Before you continue, if you don't know what IMGUI is don't bother reading this post, just ignore it, don't write anything in comments section, etc. If you're curious about IMGUI see bottom of this post, otherwise continue whatever you were doing, this post it's not for you. Thanks!

If you know what IMGUI is, for context read following presentations and blog posts:

  • Insomniac’s Web Tools Postmortem
gtallen1187 /
Created November 1, 2015 23:53
talk given by John Ousterhout about sustaining relationships

"Scar Tissues Make Relationships Wear Out"

04/26/2103. From a lecture by Professor John Ousterhout at Stanford, class CS142.

This is my most touchy-feely thought for the weekend. Here’s the basic idea: It’s really hard to build relationships that last for a long time. If you haven’t discovered this, you will discover this sooner or later. And it's hard both for personal relationships and for business relationships. And to me, it's pretty amazing that two people can stay married for 25 years without killing each other.


> But honestly, most professional relationships don't last anywhere near that long. The best bands always seem to break up after 2 or 3 years. And business partnerships fall apart, and there's all these problems in these relationships that just don't last. So, why is that? Well, in my view, it’s relationships don't fail because there some single catastrophic event to destroy them, although often there is a single catastrophic event around the the end of the relation