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Created Jul 8, 2019
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Notes on Quelima R3 WiFi Camera


  • Install the app "Sports DV" and change WiFi SSID and password


  • Wifi and Cam settings are seperated and have different port numbers.
  • Wifi-Settings (just login withoug username and password):
  • Cam LiveStream:
  • Not sure how the configuration is made really... Would need a Man-In-The-Middle-Attack or send the initial ICMP package

Change AP (Cam is the access point) to Station (Cam is a normal WiFi Client)

  • Log into without entering user and password
  • Go to the second tab, there you can change the access mode vom "AP" to "Station", enter the SSID of your home WiFi, Encryption mode and password (works with Windows 10 mobile hotspot, too, just notice it only works with 2.4 GHz networks). The cam will guess the channel when you saved the settings.
  • Don't worry, if the connection fails, the camera will offer you the configured AP again
  • Better give it a fixed IP through your router (identified by MAC address)

Other Information

  • The connection between the app and the cam is made through an initial ICMP package with the payload "99 bottles of beer on the wall"
  • looks like "MJPG-Streamer" was used when googleing for the url structure

Button configuration

  • Reset: Press Mode first and then On/Off
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