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The Scrypt of C฿J

This document is a personal document and does not represent the views of the company. This document is in draft form and I reserve to modify the contents of it.

The Scrypt of C฿J

  • ! The days after Christmas, for personal reasons, it became clear to me that I had been living most of my life within the confines of guilt masked as love. This is just the circumstance of my personal life, something that chose me by chance or by fate, but somehow I was always aware of.
  • ! When all the circumstances of my life and work came together under this new perspective, everything began to make sense. That I was too selfless to a fault (though some would say naive). And finally I could see why.
  • ! I don’t wish to speak more about it for respect of those involved, and to keep their honor; and besides, I accept the imperfections that I have, if I don’t celebrate them.
  • ! Until I settled in the Mission in San Francisco, I was always moving around, country to country, state to state. The only constant I knew was of math and reason.
  • ! My good teachers have inspired me to be good, but You imbued me with the Spirit, and I believed that I was chosen because You told me so.

The Seals

  • By chance I started to read the Revelations of John, around the New Year 2020.
  • I saw that the Seven Seals of the Revelations were to be unlocked, according to its own words. I wondered where in the Bible there might have been hints toward some solution.
  • I saw that there were seven messages that were also included in the Revelations, and wondered if they might correspond to the Seals.
  • I read the first letter and it seemed to speak to me. The circumstances around me about life and work, the state of my mind, and the narrative of my life as given me, with further coincidences about the details of First Seal, were simply too amazing.
  • And that was when I realized, if I remember correctly, how to resolve the quantum reality paradox.
  • I call what I saw the Bells of Metanoia.
  • The way I interpret it is that Cosmos, and all that depend on it, the work of Nancy Lynch and Dwork and Stockmeyer 1988, that of Linus, of Richard Stallman, of Satoshi, of Alan Kay, Turing, Chomsky, and more, and the spirit of crypto and in particular that of Bitcoin, Ethereum, is the first seal. We have altogether pierced the heart of Banking and Capital with our ethical nonviolent Revolution.
  • This does not preclude other interpretations of the Seal; a multitude of harmonics doth the pluck of string reveal. Say it ten times fast.
  • With global warming and what appears to be the last moments of a Malthusian trap, with my identification with the rich culture and people of Mother Earth, Gaia, under the grand scale of the problem, compelled me to interpret the End of Times as present day.
  • If we work together with open mindedness, patience, and understanding, a bright future is in our grasp. We will even create Dyson spheres, and we will explore other stars and galaxies and more, other scales above and below.
  • But first we must establish peace here on Gaia. There is no escape from our torment and suffering if we merely seek avoidance and the accumulation of Capital or power. We will end up fighting each other and losing our sanity and our living infrastructure, if we rush to seek residence in other planets at this time, at the scale Elon envisages.
  • You can exit Gaia, but not without fully accounting for the waste brought upon your exit, for Gaia is everyone’s home, not merely yours.
  • The sooner we lose our attachment to our individual lives and the sooner we return to universal consciousness, the sooner we will see that there is no rush to leave at all, because we either leave altogether or we don’t because we fall.
  • This is not to say that we should not seek to expand our presence beyond that of Gaia. Quite the contrary, we must first find calm and silence the panic before we can escape this water.
  • The situation is particularly tricky because we are joined in the hip with others who see the world differently than we do. In terms of questions of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, culture, and religion, and the interpretation of events.
  • If we are at the End of Times, the last moments at the Trap of Malthus, the more important it is to not resort to fighting.
  • What I see is that we have no option but to find peace among different cultures, and the groups that stand out the most to me are between Abrahamic religions.
  • There are hundreds of millions of persecuted spiritual descendants of Abraham, brothers killing brothers for sisters? What is this madness?
  • We are like siblings that fight on the dinner table, accusing each other of being wrong, evil, or imperfect.
  • We should instead have been joyful that there is still yet food on the table, and to find grace in hardship, to work towards a plan for mutual sustenance.
  • But I fear that instead we have squandered this opportunity, and now we are at the breaking point of our technological civilization, a hastily built house of cards we take for granted until cardiac arrest of commerce sets in on a global scale.
  • Don’t the prophets say that it will take 50,000 units to recover from this state of affairs? I believe it could even be 50,000 years for us to get back here without oil.
  • I wish we could do it in 1000 years instead.
  • When the time gets rough, and it appears that it will, we tend to fall back to tribalism, of race supremacism, of fascism or dictatorship, or just as worse, religious wars.
  • While many in the West have been living in relative peace for a lifetime since World War 2, and many in Asia in a relative period of boom in just the past two decades, this is now coming to an end. Well, now you see it manifest in ways even I didn’t anticipate, or had forgotten.
  • A great financial recession is now expected, and on top of that we have environmental catastrophe, the threat of global warming, and also now pestilence and biblical locust swarms.
  • I am forever an optimist, despite my apparent pessimism. I am also a realist, battle testing my optimism.
  • I hope that we can find a narrative that brings people together.
  • It appears to me that this was what was prophesied by Jesus and Mohammad, and I believe Mohammad said that Jesus would return to slay the cross.
  • I believe the slaying of the cross is referring to the slaying of the narrative that Jesus was a proponent of life of perpetual guilt.
  • I believe that Martin Luther saw some of this when he noted the abuses around the usage of Papal Indulgences. And I believe the narrative goes far deeper than that.
  • To Luther on his first Thesis: No, Jesus did not exactly will the entire life of believers to be one of Repentance, because the meaning of the original word was lost in translation. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
  • While there is suffering with guilt from the Sin before Metanoia, after that there should be none left, as stated in the 2 Corinthians 7:10 -- Godly sorrow brings Repentance that leads to Salvation and leaves no regret.
  • We must define healthy boundaries for ourselves and stop worrying so much about what others think we should do, and not let others control us with perpetual guilt.
  • It is not always my responsibility to appease you when you are offended. Sometimes, especially nowadays it seems, that responsibility falls on you.
  • Like we accept people named Chris, Christopher, or Christen, and Muhammad, or Martin Luther King, we should accept people’s names for what they profess to be, as long as it’s in reference or homage to the referred, and obviously unique and not to mislead.
  • I have never referred to myself as Jesus, though I have often asked myself what Jesus would do.
  • I respect the words of Muhammad in the Quran in the parts that I have read so far, and I respect his insight in the Cow:58.
  • There are pertinent questions that arise especially regarding physical violence. I want to be clear that I have never acted in or condoned physical or sexual harassment or violence, and that I’ve lived my life in accordance with principles that make it easy for me to say that I have never and would never be ok with that.
  • And really, stop, I’m not a martyr.

The Bells of Metanoia

  • I recalled a vision of the surface of the Sun, with solar flare loops half submerged and shifting in magical ways, with things seemingly appearing out of the blue, driven by forces about the Sun.

  • I imagined our universe, its Past, Present and Future, all represented in the arc, a magnetic feature.

  • And there I saw an explanation of it all.

  • I identify with Einstein over Bohr in believing that local sovereignty should be preserved for a proper understanding of how things truly are.

  • I identify with Sagan over Tyson in believing that there is a purpose and meaning to our lives, that this is not just “random” or even “arbitrary”.

  • I believe that the past and future exist altogether in the metaverse, and that this explains Bell’s inequality experiments — that for example the spin of photons is determined by rules about the future(!), and that our preconceived notions of causality is the source of our confusion.

  • I’m not saying that I’m sure of any or all of this, but I must now rationally conclude that I need to be open-minded to the integrity of the Revelations.

  • That perhaps the Vision of the Revelations and the Words of the Quran were actually sent back from the future, or perhaps is explainable by some meta-resonance that involves prayer and meditation.

  • That as the Bible says, that there is both a beginning and also an end.

  • That with this new view of the nature of our reality, the traditional understanding of time also ends, and thus it is the End of Times.

  • That our quantum experiments will further prove this to be true.

  • That while Einstein says spooky action at a distance, I say spooky communication across time -- and I wonder if it involves inebriation with 2000 year old wine.

The Interim Crypto Directive

  • If this is the End of Times as described in the Revelations, perhaps the fourth Seal has also been opened.
  • I confess I’m the type that might have pursued AI, but I chose people against the Terminator machines and that is Tendermint’s why.
  • That if this is the End of Times, by the Word what is coming are Great Tribulations.
  • That if I am right about all of this (and I hope I am wrong and proven the fool, as sometimes I am), that my purpose is to provide this message.
  • I said on Bloomberg Asia Radio during the moment of retribution in Iraq where miraculously nobody was killed, that the Second Seal had been opened.
  • At that time, I was not aware of this COVID19 novel Coronavirus at all.
  • So from my perspective the signs are telling me to go further still.
  • And if so, the collapse of our communications and financial infrastructure may come sooner than expected, and so we will not have time to develop anything much safer than Bitcoin.
  • Temporarily in a time of crisis and uncertain connectivity, we should prefer to have Bitcoin and with its proof-of-work.
  • But proof-of-work is expensive like crawling on all fours.
  • So eventually we need to commit to locally owned internet, powered by an incentivization protocol that is truly decentralized, secure, and open.
  • And later when we are more confident about the reach and stability of our connectedness, then we ought to lean more on proof-of-stake for our transactions.
  • The communities that understand this and begin to promote Cosmos will prosper.
  • While others only reliant on mining will suffer from want of work.
  • Still others reliant on insecure proof-of-stake will suffer from breaks of trust.
  • That reliance on side-chaining proof-of-work to Cosmos makes Cosmos that much more insecure, like a short circuit from ground to cloud via a lightning fast attack.
  • That instead we want to consider alternative means of bringing Bitcoin users onto Cosmos, either by creating a proof-of-stake fork, or something else.
  • I propose what I call an “inductive fork” — a time-lock of Bitcoins to mint proof-of-stake Betacoins, with the same inflation schedule as Bitcoin.
  • But before Betacoin becomes as big as Bitcoin, first will come a time when we will have fields of farms tended by Man-made Arms (of Hands), and with Us humans as tender to the farm.


  • ! My message has been written so now I am no longer Cosmuhammad Bitcoin Jaesustein.
  • ! I am now going to focus on staying safe and making sure IBC is delivered in time; even creating limited competition and rewarding early delivery, and decentralizing AIB, Inc (“All in Bits, Incorporated”) and finding my rightful successor(s) as the president of the ICF, and Board of AIB, such that this enterprise succeeds. My goal is to also reserve the brand of “Tendermint” to adhere to my most rigorous of standards (which have broken the spirits of many men, to the point that they accuse me of being evil, when they are just being naive, and so I forgive assuming they will metanoia themselves out of it, and then we can laugh about it some day in the future).
  • ! Stay safe, and if you are pissed that I’m spending so much time researching whether this COVID19 novel Coronavirus is actually containable or not, and whether the situation is dire or not, then blame the censored media for making me more worried than absolutely necessary. We need the Virgo Cash Directives (our recommendation for industry to follow) to deal with the immediate crisis, as well as the Virgo Dither Protocol, for censorship proof resistance.
  • !! I was asked to predict what would happen in 2020, and I said that censorship makes China a tinderbox. Then I had a spiritual awakening, and I was labeled insane and defamed unduly for self-gain by many. When I tried to keep everyone accountable by requiring the disclosing of all conflicts, they left in a hurry. It made me all the more sure that I should say all of these things that I just did.

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We are with you, Jae!


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thank you!

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