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{{> hello}}
<template name="hello">
<h1>Hello World!</h1>
{{#each kids}}
Kids = new Meteor.Collection('kids');
Parents = new Meteor.Collection('parents');
if (Meteor.isClient) { = function () {
return Kids.find();
Deps.autorun(function() {
parent = Parents.findOne();
console.log("Found parent", parent);
if (!parent) return;
Meteor.subscribe('kids', parent);
if (Meteor.isServer) {
Meteor.startup(function () {
Meteor.publish('parents', function() {
return Parents.find();
Meteor.publish('kids', function (parent) {
return Kids.find({ _id: { $in: parent.childrenIds } });
//return Kids.find();
Meteor.startup( function(){
parentId = Parents.insert({name:'alfred', childrenIds:[]});
console.log("Inserted parentId", parentId);
kid1Id = Kids.insert({name:'fred'});
Parents.update(parentId, {$push: {childrenIds:kid1Id}});
console.log("After first push, parent is", Parents.findOne());
kid2Id = Kids.insert({name:'george'});
Meteor.setTimeout(function() {
Parents.update(parentId, {$push: {childrenIds:kid2Id}});
console.log("After second push, parent is", Parents.findOne());
}, 10*1000);
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