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Last active Jun 15, 2021
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async function getResponseSize(url) {
const response = await fetch(url);
let total = 0;
// Here comes the new bit…
for await (const value of response) {
total += value.length;
console.log('Received chunk', value);
return total;
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stryju commented Nov 5, 2016

shouldn't it be

for await (const value of

just trying to grasp how would it know about what is "awaitable" in this for..of

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jakearchibald commented Nov 6, 2016

@stryju with:

for (const item of collection)

collection[Symbol.iterator] is called to get an iterator for collection. With:

for await (const item of collection)

collection[Symbol.asyncIterator] is called to get an iterator that returns promises.

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dandv commented Oct 11, 2018

I get TypeError: response is not async iterable.

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Coder2012 commented Jan 29, 2019


response is a Promise and is not iterable, an array of them would be iterable however.

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SAIDEEPAKALETI commented Jun 15, 2021

I get TypeError: response is not async iterable.

i get the same error

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