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Jake McCrary jakemcc

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qqq.core> (require '[ :as shell])
;; Kick off a future that is reading System/in and just print the result
qqq.core> (future
(println (.read System/in))
(println "done"))
#<Future@536d8f5e: :pending>
;; Invoke something that uses /bin/sh, see the output
jakemcc /
Created Jul 15, 2016
Inspector example for reagent and re-frame


root function is what gets added to our markup for the page. q/db is a query that just returns our entire re-frame db.


Some example styling for the inspector.

View bash function
# one line for easy copy and pasting to terminal.
function newyezzy { curl -s$1 | sed 's/.*\<h2>\(.*\)<.*<div id="sourceinfo".*/\1/' | head -n 1; }
jakemcc / project.clj
Created Nov 4, 2013
Modified to work with lein-test-refresh. `lein-protobuf` depends on an old version of `leinjacker` which has too strict of constraints for modern Leiningen versions.
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(defproject revise "0.0.2"
:description "RethinkDB client for Clojure"
:url ""
:license {:name "Eclipse Public License"
:url ""}
:main bitemyapp.revise.core
:plugins [[lein-protobuf "0.3.1" :exclusions [leinjacker]]
[lein-difftest "2.0.0"]
[com.jakemccrary/lein-test-refresh "0.1.2"]]
:test-selectors {:default (fn [_] true) ;; (complement :integration)
jakemcc / gist:3887459
Created Oct 14, 2012
Set your emacs path from your shell's $PATH
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(defun set-exec-path-from-shell-PATH ()
(let ((path-from-shell (shell-command-to-string "$SHELL -i -c 'echo $PATH'")))
(setenv "PATH" path-from-shell)
(setq exec-path (split-string path-from-shell path-separator))))
(if window-system (set-exec-path-from-shell-PATH))
jakemcc / _readme.txt
Created Sep 21, 2012
Resharper 7 C# Type Members Layout that gets rid of auto putting sections in regions.
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Having Resharper auto put code into #regions is annoying.
To stop this, open Resharper options, then C# > Type Members Layout.
Uncheck "Use Default Patterns" and past xml into it.
jakemcc / gist:1010159
Created Jun 6, 2011
pop-up multi-monitor
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<input type="button" onclick=",'myWindow','height=300,width=300,menubar=no,status=no,left=3000').focus();return false;" value="Try it">
View gist:226340
// No issues with this
private static class DecimalsRecordLayout extends CobolRecordLayout {
public DecimalsRecordLayout() {
field("Price", "9(5)");
field("Quantity", "99v999");
field("Other", "999v99");
jakemcc / clj
Created Oct 7, 2009
script to run Clojure
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
java -cp $HOME/opt/clojure/jars/jline.jar:$HOME/opt/clojure/jars/clojure-contrib.jar:$HOME/opt/clojure/jars/clojure.jar jline.ConsoleRunner clojure.main $*
jakemcc /
Created Oct 7, 2009
Bash script which setups a simple clojure environment in $HOME/opt/clojure
#!/usr/bin/env bash
mkdir -p $CLOJURE_DIR
# Get latest version of clojure and compile it
git clone git://
cd clojure
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