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How to have change the tab color in iTerm2 based on what folder or directory you are in
#!/usr/bin/env python
Set terminal tab / decoration color by the server name.
Get a random colour which matches the server name and use it for the tab colour:
the benefit is that each server gets a distinct color which you do not need
to configure beforehand.
import socket
import random
import colorsys
import sys
import os
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2012 Mikko Ohtamaa -"
__author__ = "Mikko Ohtamaa <>"
__licence__ = "WTFPL"
__credits__ = ["Antti Haapala"]
USAGE = """
Colorize terminal tab based on the current PWD.
Usage: [0-1.0] [0-1.0] # Lightness and saturation values
An iTerm 2 example (recolorize dark grey background and black text): 0.7 0.4
def get_random_by_string(s):
Get always the same 0...1 random number based on an arbitrary string
# Initialize random gen by hash of string s
return random.random()
def decorate_terminal(color):
Set terminal tab / decoration color.
Please note that iTerm 2 / Konsole have different control codes over this.
Note sure what other terminals support this behavior.
:param color: tuple of (r, g, b)
r, g, b = color
# iTerm 2
sys.stdout.write("\033]6;1;bg;red;brightness;%d\a" % int(r * 255))
sys.stdout.write("\033]6;1;bg;green;brightness;%d\a" % int(g * 255))
sys.stdout.write("\033]6;1;bg;blue;brightness;%d\a" % int(b * 255))
# Konsole
def rainbow_unicorn(lightness, saturation):
Colorize terminal tab by your server name.
Create a color in HSL space where lightness and saturation is locked, tune only hue by the server.
name = os.getcwd()
hue = get_random_by_string(name)
color = colorsys.hls_to_rgb(hue, lightness, saturation)
def main():
From Toholampi with love
if(len(sys.argv) < 3):
lightness = float(sys.argv[1])
saturation = float(sys.argv[2])
rainbow_unicorn(lightness, saturation)
if __name__ == "__main__":
# Change tab color based on pwd.
function tab_color_precmd {
~/.change-tab-color-pwd 0.5 0.5
autoload -U add-zsh-hook
add-zsh-hook precmd tab_color_precmd
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jamie commented Mar 3, 2021

Love this.

These days chpwd (runs on dir change) is prob a better hook choice than precmd (runs before each prompt).

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notsure commented Apr 5, 2022

just found and love it!

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