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Live Streaming Kit

Here is my live stream setup kit :)

If you are doing a personal stream, I recommend only streaming to a single service such as Twitch. It is better for community building and easier on the streamer. Additionally, if you become an affiliate you are locked into a platform anyways.

How my setup works is that I have my main Desktop PC that has my streaming software, chat, alerts, music, and such all running on it. I have a second surface book that has HDMI out into the capture card in my Desktop PC. I do this because often when you compile apps it may freeze up your computer and stream :(. I have 2 sets of keyboards and mice and 2 monitors that I work off of. This works for me, but you do you :)


  • OBS: Your main go to for streaming software. It works on every OS :). If you want something with everything baked in take a look at Streamlabs OBS.
  • Streamlabs has all of your pop ups for subscribers and such on their website so you want to customize that
  • OBS Closed Captions: Great plugin for closed captions!
  • Pretzel: Music for live streams
  • My Stream Timer: Countdown app for streamers that I built :)
  • Nightbot: Bot for your chatroom!

Streaming Equpiment:

Stream Settings:

  • 720p @2200mbps 30fps
  • 1080p @3500mbps 30fps

Streaming Tips:

  • Make sure you have a "Stream starting soon" and always have it up for a few minutes to allow people to get in.
  • Don't worry if you don't have many people at first
  • Interact with your chatroom! If no one is there talk through what you are doing
  • Setup your panels in Twitch with info
  • Stream consistent on specific days and times
  • Setup a panel for your stream times

Also, amazing reading is Suz's Blog on streaming

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