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if [ -z "$app" ]; then
echo "$0: specify binary/app name as first and only argument"
exit 1
echo "which: $(which "$app")"
jamiew / beos-netpositive-haiku-errors.txt
Created August 10, 2023 08:44 — forked from benjaminoakes/errors.txt
BeOS (NetPositive) haiku error messages
Not a pretty sight
When the web dies screaming loud
The site is not found.
Morning and sorrow
404 not with us now
Lost to paradise.
jamiew /
Created July 19, 2023 17:00
import Helium denylist data into postgres data (e.g. on DeWi ETL)
# import helium denylist data from github to a local postgres table
echo "downloading from $url ..."
curl -s "$url" > "$csv"
echo "saved to $csv. file has $(cat $csv | wc -l) rows"
jamiew /
Created July 18, 2023 16:18 — forked from dansku/
Helium ETL Setup Tutorial

Setting up a Helium ETL

This documents explains a quick intro how to setup your own ETL server for the Helium Blockchain. Running an ETL is not an easy task, but hopefully this document will help you get started, and by the end you will have the blockchain up and running.

Server Requirements

  • 2TB SSD (NVME prefered) disk

Install and configure PostgreSQL + PostGis

Cute Sparkles

These cool and girly glitters come with lots of flowers, hearts, bows and ribbons! These decorations can suit all sorts of happy and soft aesthetic moods ~ ✨(◕▿◕✿)

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
.・゜゜・  ・゜゜・.
。・゚゚・  ・゚゚・。
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
✧༺♥༻∞  ∞༺♥༻✧

*✿❀ ❀✿*

jamiew / snapshot.rb
Created April 29, 2022 15:26 — forked from dougpfeffer/snapshot.rb
NFT Collection Snapshot Generate with Moralis
# Requires a Moralis API key.
# Writes out lists of owners of each token of each contract listed in the `CONTRACTS` array.
# Doesn't work on OpenSea contracts.
require 'net/http'
require 'uri'
require 'json'
# @jamiew 2020-01-27
# Generate a Wu-Tang name using the "official" name generator
# (AKA the Childish Gambino Wu-Tang Name Generator)
# TODO output a more username-friendly format - no spaces or special chars
# This script depends on `curl`, `td` and `pup`
# Some clever regex could eliminate the need for pup
Description=IPFS daemon
### Uncomment the following line for custom ipfs datastore location
# Environment=IPFS_PATH=/path/to/your/ipfs/datastore
ExecStart=/snap/bin/ipfs daemon --enable-pubsub-experiment --enable-namesys-pubsub --enable-gc --migrate
jamiew /
Created August 13, 2020 21:29
Simple script to manually update and restat a Helium blockchain-etl node
set -e
git pull origin master
make release
make migrations
make start
tail -F _build/dev/rel/blockchain_etl/log/console.log