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Jamie Dubs jamiew

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jamiew / chat.txt
Created Feb 24, 2021
Chat transcript -- Helium community call, Feb 24 2021.txt
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12:04:33 From KN4WYL : thanks
12:06:14 From Charles : how do I add my name?
12:07:49 From KN4WYL : @charles start typing
12:11:31 From Scott Sigel : sc0tt
12:13:27 From Jamie Wilkinson :
12:17:51 From Ion Beroiz To Jamie Wilkinson(privately) : Hi Jamie, can you share the google docs here? Thanks a lot.
12:18:00 From Jamie Wilkinson To Ion Beroiz(privately) :
12:18:21 From Jamie Wilkinson : Agenda/notes doc I'm screensharing:
12:23:19 From Jamie Wilkinson : HIP27 5G:
12:24:06 From tusharjain : So excited for this
View gist:b5c98761e42e73cae599cf6ca2b42785
Description=IPFS daemon
### Uncomment the following line for custom ipfs datastore location
# Environment=IPFS_PATH=/path/to/your/ipfs/datastore
ExecStart=/snap/bin/ipfs daemon --enable-pubsub-experiment --enable-namesys-pubsub --enable-gc --migrate
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12:05:43 From Remko Welling : pse share link to doc here
12:05:53 From Tushar Jain :
12:06:25 From Jamie Wilkinson :
12:07:17 From Remko Welling : Thanks
12:13:10 From Henry Tomas : Who controls the hotspot then? Like who asserts and stuff then?
12:21:08 From cocotang : What joey said is correct. The new app will have a favorite hotspot feature, where hosts will have the same view as owners, update wi-fi, pair, run diagnostics.
12:21:18 From Henry Tomas : What happens to a hotspot when they don't want to host it?
12:21:55 From Henry Tomas : I agree!
12:22:04 From kenzi : yup
12:26:15 From Jamie Wilkinson : Please mute if not speaking, getting some feedback. Thanks
jamiew / meeting_saved_chat.txt
Created Nov 18, 2020
Helium community call 2020/11/18 - Zoom chat.txt
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12:01:51 From Zoom user : open mic time
12:04:33 From Jason Williams : do you have the link for the google doc
12:04:45 From Anthony Anderson :
12:13:07 From @jamiedubs : nice shirt
12:13:42 From Towerdan : Agreed, its a bug fix and we should move forward with HIP18.
12:14:06 From Zak : Sorry just jumped on. Whats up for discussion right now
12:14:18 From Anthony Anderson : HIP18
12:14:29 From Zak : thnx
12:14:48 From Nathan to @jamiedubs (Privately) : ty
12:17:43 From Anthony Anderson to @jamiedubs (Privately) : Thanks for catching that bullet.. I was looking into the discussion Louis and I had about HIP18
View helium-etl 426k block error.log
Helium-etl errors
2020-08-30 21:56:27.278 [warning] <0.20515.0>@blockchain_txn_poc_receipts_v1:validate:744 TxnPathLength: 1, RebuiltPathLength: 2 [228/926986]
2020-08-30 21:56:27.278 [warning] <0.20515.0>@blockchain_txn_poc_receipts_v1:validate:745 TxnPath: ["beautiful-flint-pigeon"]
2020-08-30 21:56:27.278 [warning] <0.20515.0>@blockchain_txn_poc_receipts_v1:validate:746 RebuiltPath: ["original-cyan-ant","dapper-cloth-robin"]
2020-08-30 21:56:27.283 [warning] <0.20519.0>@blockchain_txn_poc_receipts_v1:validate:815 receipt not in order
2020-08-30 21:56:27.304 [warning] <0.20519.0>@blockchain_txn_poc_receipts_v1:validate:815 receipt not in order
2020-08-30 21:56:27.334 [warning] <0.20519.0>@blockchain_txn_poc_receipts_v1:validate:744 TxnPathLength: 2, RebuiltPathLength: 1
2020-08-30 21:56:27.334 [warning] <0.20519.0>@blockchain_txn_poc_receipts_v1:validate:745 TxnPath: ["elect
jamiew /
Created Aug 13, 2020
Simple script to manually update and restat a Helium blockchain-etl node
set -e
git pull origin master
make release
make migrations
make start
tail -F _build/dev/rel/blockchain_etl/log/console.log
jamiew / .gitconfig
Last active Jun 15, 2020
public pieces of my .gitconfig
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name = Jamie Dubs
email =
whitespace = fix
autosetuprebase = always
autosetupmerge = always
branch = auto
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"No location requirements."
"Boston, SF, NY, Baltimore"
"United States"
"Newport Beach CA"
"San Francisco, Palo Alto, Stanford, Los Angeles, San Diego"
"Planet Earth (founder in Vancouver, BC)"
"California, New York"
"San Francisco"
"Just start uploading designs and software to the community"
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"clip_id": "86a5d28c-22a1-4ad5-852e-169a3b195e9e",
"base_url": "../",
"video": [
"id": "4ca6366e",
"base_url": "4ca6366e/chop/",
"format": "mp42",
"mime_type": "video/mp4",
"codecs": "avc1.640028",
View gist:3131ecd193e3d3a5eb162da02c3bd079
# @jamiew PS1 customizations
# macOS edition
# bash/git completion are still in .bash_profile
# Calculate a dynamic hostname color... not really using this
#HOSTNAMECOLOR=$(hostname | od | tr ' ' '\n' | awk '{total = total + $1}END{print 30 + (total % 6)}')
# Export some useful color codes
if tput setaf 1 &> /dev/null; then